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Mei-Na Liao (1967 - 2020)


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Also visit the Memorial Site at the link below setup by family and friends from Taiwan & Dubai. 

   Forevermissed Mei-Na Liao


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Tao Liu

美娜老師,感謝您曾經給予的幫助與鼓勵。能遇見您為師是我的幸運,而失去您也是我莫大的遺憾。斯人已逝,音容宛在,願您安息。 …


karim Aref

This is extremely sad. Dr. Mei-Na Liao was a very kind-hearted person and great lecturer. Her passion and care about the students was massive. I am in debt for her because she taught me and also for her enormous support and motivation to me. Dr. Mei-Na Liao was such a beautiful and wise person. …


Vishanth Weerakkody

A wonderful person and fine academic lost to this world forever. I had the priviledge of working with Mei Na when I joined University of Bradford in 2017. Her enthusiasm and possitive attitude was a breath of fresh air, particularly during challenging times and when dealing with problems. The Summer School that Mei Na …


Geraldine Ray

I ran with Mei-Na many times on Saturday mornings with Baildon Runners. She was such a lovely, kind and funny person who always had a smile for everyone. She will be missed. My thoughts are with Martin and the rest of her family and this sad time.  …



Dearest Mei-Na It was such a privilege to be your friend.  Our philosophical (!) chats and endless laughter are such warm memories.  You will always be a sparkling star for everyone whose lives you’ve touched.  You will be missed immensely…. …


Jalal Ashayeri

In the name of TIAS and all MScBA program members who met Professor Mei-Na Liao, I like to express my deep sadness about Professor Liao’s sudden loss. I have known her since 2013 when she started lecturing a course for us. We always had pleasant conversations during her visits to our school before going to …


Joseph Maidugu

It is with deep sense of sadness that I write this short tribute to an amazing person. I will forever remain grateful to you Dr Mei-Na Liao for your invaluable contributions to my academic career. You took interest in my research from the first day I walked into your office right to the end …


Christos Kalantaridis

Mei-na was one of the very first colleagues I met when I joined Bradford University, and will always remember her optimism and bright smile. She was really supportive of her students, and impacted positively many lives. It is very sad to hear of her untimely passing. My condolences to her family and many friends. …

Christos Kalantaridis

Pauline Watson

 During my 12 years at the FoML Mei-Na was always a kind, helpful and friendly colleague. She was full of enthusiasm and a person you could rely upon. She simply lit up a room with her own particular sparkle. May you rest in peace Mei-Na. …


Keith Hanning

Shocked, and hugely saddened at the untimely death of former colleague and friend Mei-Na. We worked together from 2003-17, and even during the difficult times, she was always a positive, passionate and dynamic presence. Mei-Na’s concern and support for students, particularly International students was legendary. There will be former students (and many others) all …


Prof Stephen A Greyser

From across the Atlantic … a sharing of the sadness over Mei-Na’s passing.    For me, as an occasional visitor to Brunel and participant in Marketing Faculty gatherings and seminars, she was a happy participant.  Her smile and helpful comments will be missed.  Those with “full colleagueship” may have a deeper apprerciation, but I …


Nelarine Cornelius and James Wallace

It was such a shock to hear of Mei-Na’s passing. Her hard work supporting students and colleagues never waivered. No matter the pressure, Mei-Na remained positive and  cheerful.  You have left us all too soon. ‘There are some who bring a light so great that even after they have gone the light remains’   …

Nelarine Cornelius

Julian Rawel

I was so sorry to learn of Mei-Na’s passing. So early in her life. I knew Mei-Na during my time at Bradford University School of Management. She was an intelligent, enthusiastic and warm person, a pleasure to work with. I know she had been very enthusiastic about her role in Dubai – such a …


Professor John M.T. Balmer

On hearing the very sad news that Mei-Na had died, and reading through the lovely tributes here, I could not help thinking of the phrase, “Pain in the price we pay for love” which, I sense, captures,  what I, and  many others, perhaps, feel at this saddest of times. Without doubt, Mei-Na was very much …


Myfanwy Trueman

Meina was a special person. She is really admired by so many people and has achieved so much in her life- often despite very difficult circumstances. She had a such a positive relationship with Martin, her family in Taiwan and his family in France – as well as her colleagues at work.  That she …


Jay Muir

I started at Bradford on the same day as Mei-Na (I think it was back in 2003) and we met up in Leeds beforehand for a coffee and to plan the delivery of a shared module. During that first meeting and over the subsequent years I remember Mei-Na’s enthusiasm, kindness and sense of humour. …


Jannine Williams

Dear Mei-Na, I have fond memories of our nights out enjoying a meal with Martin and Andrew. Of chatting about running. Of laughing at the absurdities of life. My deepest condolences to Martin and the rest of your family.  Jannine x …


Liz Parrish

Fond memories of Mei-Na’s time at Baildon Runners. Thinking and praying for Martin at this time. Happy memories of the time we were neighbours in Baildon. …


Jackie Walters

Such fond memories of Mei-Na, friend, running buddy and music lover. My thoughts are with Martin and all Mei-Na’s family at this very sad time. …


Eileen Hendrie

A charming, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and considerate lady who has left us far too young. I offer my condolences to her family and friends.  Rest in Peace Mei-Na. …


Louis Cheng

It was sad to hear tragic news of friend in the midst of this century pandemic. May her sole rest in peace. World peace  …



Rest in Peace Mei-Na. It was a pleasure to know and work with you. My thoughts are with you. …


Michelle, Matt, Lauren & Fern

Mei-na was our next door neighbour in Baildon. The first weekend we moved in, she and Martin welcomed us into their home for a cup of tea. She was so warm, vibrant and engaging. We shared a love of running and Baildon Runners. We are shocked and saddened – taken much too soon. Our …


Lourdes Perez

It has been an honour for me to share part of this journey with you Mei-Na.  Love Lourdes …


Jess Guth

Rest in Peace Mei-Na. I have fond memories of working and laughing together and of bumping into you when we were both out running along the canal. You will be missed. …