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Mark Kirkland

We will always remember Mark as a brilliant scientist and an invaluable team member. Over his 32 years at Colworth he developed a world class expertise in cryo-microscopy and microstructural analysis. His contribution has been central to countless projects over this time and he has had a huge impact on the wider Ice Cream R&D programme. Many of us have worked closely with Mark over a number of years and we will miss him enormously, but our thoughts and prayers are especially with Bev, his wife, at this time.

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Sally Redfern

Dear Bev,  Sincere and heartfelt condolences. I was devstated to hear of Marks passing, and that I did not get to say goodbye to him. He was always the friendly face at the coffee machine, always chatty and ready to talk about anything from childborth to physical chemistry. He was a true expert and …

Jules Evans

Alison Russell

Dear Bev, I am so sorry for your loss. Mark was an amazing colleague and friend.  We had lovely chats on just about every topic you can think of, and plenty of laughs. He was always willing to help and I learned so much from him. I am so glad that I was able …

Jules Evans

Julian Bent

Dear Bev and family. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope the dogs can distract you, that you’re OK and can keep healthy through these crazy times. We all share a little of your sadness and miss Mark every day, he was a big character in our team. He had so many years …

Jules Evans

Ann-Marie Williamson

Dear Bev and Family, please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I worked with Mark many times over the last 20 years, at what I will always remember fondly is the glint in Mark’s eye when you challenged him to look at something that you thought might not be possible. Mark really enjoyed …

Jules Evans

Helen Muir-Howie

I knew Mark for many years and always enjoyed his company. The world needs more genuine, decent people like Mark and it will be a poorer place without him. Helen Muir-Howie   Many thanks, Helen …

Jules Evans

Sheena Payne

Dear Mark, i miss you so much already it makes my heart ache!  I cannot believe you have gone!  I miss our chats, our giggles, our “putting the world to rights”, the mischief oh and of course – the science!  I don’t think i have ever met anyone else so passionate about their work.  …


Ranjit Bhogal

Dear Bev & Family, I was so very sorry  to hear about Mark. He was always so generous with his time. It was such a pleasure to know him. My very deepest of condolences to you and your family at this very difficult time. …

Jules Evans

Felix Oppong

Dear Bev and Family, It was such a shock to hear of Mark’s passing. I will really miss the many stimulating discussions I had with Mark over the years on ice cream microstructure and impact on physical properties of ice cream. I will also miss the many chats with Mark during lunch time in …

Jules Evans

Mark Berry

I was so sad to hear about the passing of Mark Kirkland. He was a thoroughly decent and kind-hearted man. I remember when I was ill myself – Mark was always the first to enquire about my health and my recovery even though he had not been well himself. He will be greatly missed. …

Jules Evans

Damiano Rossetti

To Bev and Family I am so sorry for your loss. Mark was a great person, kind, helpful, and very competent. His tremendous knowledge in microscopy forms his legacy the ice cream community will always remember.  I will miss most the calming power of his tender smile able to diffuse any cloud. I am …

Jules Evans

Eleanor D'Agostino

Dear Bev and family, I was so shocked and saddened to hear the devastating news. Mark was such a lovely man, so kind and helpful, and he will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to you all at this very difficult time. Eleanor …


Steve Morrey

Dear Bev, Lots of happy memories from my times working with Mark. From our first encounters, over twenty years ago, when he was imaging my ‘control cooled’ frozen potatoes, through to just before I retired soon after the first lockdown in March last year.  We knocked out quite a few Colworth Reports between us. …

Jules Evans

Eli & Mike

Dear Bev, Mike’s thoughts and mine are with you during these very sad times. Mike and I have some fantastic happy memories of Mark and how much he has had an impact on our lives. He was a great teacher and not only helped me to get up to speed when I joined Unilever, …

Jules Evans

Duncan Talbot

Dear Bev & family, I was so sorry to hear the desperately sad news. Mark was such a good, committed and enthusiastic scientist, who was always prepared to give of his time and help out. He will be greatly missed by all who worked with him and knew him at Colworth. Many condolences and …

Jules Evans

Lorraine Sassano

Dear Bev and family, I am obviously very sorry to hear of your loss.  I worked in the same building as Mark for many years and had many a lunchtime chat with him when he appeared to get some food and daylight.  He was a kind and considerate man who joined in with our …

Jules Evans

Alex Aldred

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Mark, he was truly a caring and inspiring man always with ideas and an interest in what you were doing. I worked with Mark from the early days of my 30year Unilever career and his work has underpinned so much of what has been …

Jules Evans

Debbie Aldred

Dear Bev and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I have known and worked with Mark for many years and i will remember him as a colleague and a friend. I echo the sentiments of many when i say that he was truely kind, friendly and always willing to help – be …

Jules Evans

Stella Peace

Dear Bev and family, I was so sorry to hear of your loss.  I worked with Mark at Colworth for a number of years.  He was always so professional and knowledgeable, a true expert and champion of cryo SEM.  He contributed so much understanding to Unilever’s Ice Cream business and beyond.  He took such …

Jules Evans

Dudley Ferdinando

Dear Bev and family,  My thoughts and prayers are with you at this truly sad time. I had the privilege of working closely with Mark ever since he started at Unilever and seeing how he expanded the field of Cryo-SEM to many product areas within Unilever.  I enjoyed talking to him about his many …

Jules Evans

Jean-Yves Mugnier

I am very saddened to hear about Mark’s fatal heart attack. During all my time at Unilever working along Mark, I would not have expected his premature departure. Mark was well in his forties, and was celebrating his 15th year at Unilever at the time i left, and from what I remember he was …

Jules Evans

Cyrena Tomlin

Dear Bev I send my heartfelt condolences. I miss Mark as a dear friend. I valued our chats at teabreak or lunch and he always lifted my spirits. I do hope family & friends will be of some comfort to ease your pain. You know that he loved you & your life together with …

Jules Evans

Johan Hazekamp, Unilever Foods Innovation Center (NL)

Dear Bev, family and friends,    I am sorry for your loss. As fellow microscopist I know Mark as an oustanding professional in microstructure imaging, working together both from NL and based in Colworth. Mark leaves his legacy in the art of cryo electron microscopy for sure.     Wishing you peace and comfort during …

Jules Evans

Fei Ling Lim

So sad and shocked to hear of your passing – I will miss meeting you at lunch time and talking about allsorts that happens to be the topic of the day while we eat our lunches, and your advice on everyting from growing fruit and vegetables to fishing and cooking fish. My deepest condolences …

Jules Evans

Marjolein van Ruijven-Unilever R&D NL

Dear Bev, family, friends and colleagues, it is with great sadness that I heard about Mark’s passing. Working in the Dutch Unilever R&D site, our paths used to cross many times. Mark taught us a lot about high resolution microscopy on ice cream. He was a very patient and highly skilled teacher. I will …

Jules Evans

Nikos Papaioannou

Dear Bev and Family,   My sincere condolences for your loss. These are really sad and unexpected news…   I was working with Mark over the last couple of years on a daily basis and I can assure you he is not a person that will be forgotten. Personally, I will remember him for …

Jules Evans

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