In Loving Memory of

Mark Kendrick

Mark Kendrick

On the 28th December 2022, Mark Kendrick passed away.

Mark was a kind man with an abundence of kindness, positivity and a can-do approach that benefitted so many. For those who had the pleasure of knowing him personally and professionally we have all felt his loss. In the absence of such a large professional circle being able to pass their symapthies directly to his family we have created this Book of Condolence to capture the sentiments of so many and leave his family with an understanding of how many lives he touched. 

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Fabian Rodrigues

I had the amazing pleasure & honour to work with Mark In my 20+ years of working in IT, I can honestly say that there are only a handful of people I have worked with that go the extra mile for, and leave a everlasting postive memory…. Mark was one of these! His professional working ethic is one the of best I have ever witnessed, this encouraged me to do better. He always recognised individuals efforts. He was supportative for everyone, in all situations, a very caring man. He knew how to cheer, encourage and motivate the team & also individuals. Daily Mark & I would share jokes and have some banter, but always the right amount and never excessive He had this uncanny ability to contact me when i was working late to ask me what i had on the BBQ…. and quite literally every time i did have the BBQ running… I honestly thougth he had a drone to know this each time. I considered Mark a friend, a mentor, a inspiration more than a work colleague …

Murray Hoult

Mark and I worked together at Capita a couple of years ago.  He stood out from the crowd through his genuine professionalism, depth of experience and constant good humour.  Always one move ahead of the game in his own projects, Mark gave his time generously to his colleagues providing well judged words of advice, enthusiastic encouragement or (if required) a diplomatic nudge in the right direction. We were thrilled when he decided to bring his experience and delivery expertise to the team here at Valcon.  We loved working with Mark and are missing him immensely.   …