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Mark Clowes

It is difficult to put into words what Mr. Clowes’ role was at St. Giles’ School.  On paper, he was Lawley class teacher and KS2 subject lead for PE and Music.  But he was so much more than this.  He was the source of raucous laughter, the mischievious trickster, the manager of countless sports teams.  His unofficial roles included self-appointed Chair of the Staff Jacket Potato Committee and model for an apparently endless supply of coats and shoes.  He will be missed terribly by everyone at St. Giles’. 

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The Asterley’s

Archie would come home and tell us all the funny things you did in class like play your guitar or talk of pet monsters. You encouraged his love of music and maths!! You made school fun. You helped and supported Archie immensely and we will miss your positive attitude to life. Thank you for …

St Giles School

Cara Thomas

Whenever I tuck my chair or straighten my table I will think of you. Same with putting on my Blunstone boots because I had a competition with you about who had more. I will definitely think of you if I listen to the goo goo dolls because we sang that at Christmas when we …


Annabel Benson

I will always remember you teaching me online, Annabel.   Thank you for your passion and drive to teach our children, we were very lucky for you to be part of St Giles. Miss your cheery hellos. Sleep tight. Rachel, Rhys, Annabel Benson and Mr Elliott …

St Giles School

Jacob Parry

Thank you for making learning fun. I especially loved it when you used to get out the guitar, tell us stories or just do silly things to make us laugh. We will miss you!  …

St Giles School

The Dryden’s

You’ve brought lots of fun to both mine and Stu’s working days over the years. Not only have you been a colleague to us and a Teacher to our boys, you’ve been a friend too. Through the tears we can’t help but smile when we talk about you and the mischief you somehow got …

St Giles School

Isaac Pollock

I have happy memories of listening to you play your guitar. …

St Giles School


We will miss you Mr Clowes. It was funny when you used to come into our class and steal our food. …

St Giles School

Oliver, Jenna, sienna, poppy williams

Mr clowes you were a fantastic teacher and will be sorely missed in our household in particular. You taught both sienna and poppy and they really enjoyed your methods. Sienna had 18 months with you after Mr goody left and her confidence improved immensely under your supervision.  Again with poppy she has really started …

St Giles School

The Richards family

Thank you for being an amazing teacher to Bryn in years 3 and 4.  You helped, supported, guided and nurtured Bryn’s personality.  Bryn loved being in your class, he said your lessons were always filled with fun and energy! You are greatly missed and we will never forget you Mr Clowes.  Sending strength and …

St Giles School

Lauren Simcock

He was my current teacher so when I was stuck he always came over and helped me out and explained stuff I did not understand .He was very funny and made the class laugh. Mr Clowes was also probably one of my favourite guitar players and sometimes in lessons he would just start playing …

St Giles School

The Woolley’s

Dear Mr. Clowes Thank you for teaching Olivia and Oscar, for making their school days so much fun. We will miss your cheery, positive personality. You were always so helpful. We are so sorry we won’t see you again. Rest in peace x Jo, Neil, Olivia and Oscar Woolley …

St Giles School

Oscar Woolley

Dear Mr. Clowes Thank you for teaching me. For being funny, kind, listening to my animal facts and always finding my jumpers, water bottle and spelling book. I’m sorry I won’t see you again. Lawley won’t be as much fun without you.  Oscar Woolley …

St Giles School

Olivia Woolley

Dear Mr. Clowes Thank you for teaching me and your support and encouragement which helped me every day. Because of you I started to play the guitar. I got a new one today, a Fender, I think you’d really like it. I’m sorry I won’t see you again. Olivia Woolley    …

St Giles School

Amber Thomas (Lawley class)

Mr Clowes you always made me laugh. You were always so funny. It’s sad that we didn’t get to be in your class all the time because of lockdown. I wish that time had been with you.  …

St Giles School

Nicola Perks

  Oasis – Wonderwall – Acoustic – Mark Clowes   Memorable track and one talented man.       …

St Giles School

The Kelly Family

Although neither of our children were taught by Mark, our son Seamus said, ‘You don’t go to St Giles for 7 years and not know Mr Clowes.’ He went on to say, he was full of energy, great at organising sports and that he’ll be a great loss to the school. We are thinking …

St Giles School

Niall Kelly, Chair of Governors

I got to know Mark a little through my role as Chair of Governors at St. Giles CE School.  He was much loved by his his colleagues and pupils for his sense of humour and commitment to others.  Mark’s death is a terrible tragedy and a real shock for the whole school.  My love …

St Giles School

Claire Goodall

Thank you Mr Clowes for helping Dougie settle into his new school/class in year 3. You were so good with him and he had the best relationship with you.  You truly were a wonderful teacher and will be solely missed.  RIP Mark.    …

St Giles School

Jacob Weston and family - Lawley Class

Mr Clowes you were an amazing teacher – thank you for making class so fun. I will miss your jokes, doing pe with you and music. From Jacob x Mr Clowes was a wonderful teacher who helped our son come on leaps and bounds, bringing a sense of fun and laughter to class. He …

Pete Duffield

Dear Mark, I remember the laughs we used to have in our PPA meetings and the support we gave each other. Thanks for coming to St Giles and being a good friend and a great colleague, who worked tirelessly for the school. My big impression of you is that you are a brilliant Dad …

Pete Duffield

Ruth and Finlay Hudson

Mark, such a fun loving attitude to life. An honour to have known and worked with you, I was always surprised when you crept into Clee to find out what was going on, or your oddly timed requests for how to prove pizza dough. Finlay loved you as his teacher and we are grateful …

St Giles School

Benjamin Williams

I had the utmost pleasure of teaching Clee class, next door to Mark and Lawley class. So on a regulary basis Mark would burst in, just to check everything was okay. But to make sure I was always prepared and on my toes. Mark had this natural ability to just teach, he knew exactly …


Rachel Bowen

The shorts, the trainers, the passion for sports and the smiles……..All of my boys thought so fondly of you.  You made each day brighter with your warmth, humour and kindness. Shine bright above us all Mr Clowes, love Rachel, Louie, Sonny and Buddy xxx  …

St Giles School

Julie Williams

What an absolute legend and an honour to have been able to work with, go on school residential with and who was such an amazing guy who lit up every room he entered. He made sure to make you laugh and be happy and was such a cheeky chappie.  The hole that he will …

St Giles School

Rebecca Parry

If you can change a child’s life and inspire them beyond measure, in my book, you are a legend, a legend that will live on forever – and that is what you did over and over. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and person. The loss felt at St Giles is huge …

St Giles School

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