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Marianne Viljoen

Marianne is a well known NetBackup specialist for over 20 years. Having recieved the sad news that she died on Friday 2nd April 2021.

It would be lovely for the NetBackup community to leave some messages for her husband and family.

Thank You

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I can’t believe that Marianne is no more. She was a great mentor and guide which is irreplaceable for veritas community and as a human being. She always helped everyone to learn and grow. I still remember how I read here posts to learn the NBU and she was always providing great ideas to …

Graeme Gofton


To Marianne’s Family: What a sad time for all 😔 I am truely sorry for your loss. We valued Marianne’s work and loved her company. She always fitted in & threw herself into everything she did, regardless of how difficult it appeard to be. Marianne will indeed be sorely missed. …

Graeme Gofton

Faye Matthee

I was so shocked, and so so saddened to hear of the passing of Marianne, such a loss to us all. I’ve known Marianne for quite some time, about 14 years, she was always so bouncy and energetic, such a super-great skill in NBU in our Veritas community, and most of all had such …

Faye Matthee


I have been educated by Marianne’s posts since my early days of being a NetBackup instructor.  Marianne was highly regarded for her sea of knowlege on NetBackup and other technical areas.  Many thousands of users in NetBackup community have been benefited by Marianne’s technical response.  She had been a great assest and it’s an …


Graeme Gofton

My deepest condolences to Willie and family. I met Marianne 20 years ago on my first trip to South Africa. Over the years we have met up And Willie it was so good when you met as you made Marianne so happy. It has been a wonderful pleasure to have known Marianne and the …

Graeme Gofton

Ram Nagalla

It is unpleasant and shocking news, she was such an inspiration in the backup community around the world, in fact she was my inspiration to be involved more in forums and to become a trusted adviser. My prayers are with her family. may her soul rest in peace with no more backup failures. …

Graeme Gofton

Ian Jackson

So sad to hear of Marianne’s sudden loss. She was a lovely lady and a legend in the world of NetBackup. Heartfelt condolences to her family. …

Graeme Gofton

Philip Perera

My deepest condolences to Marianne’s family and friends. She would be missed by many like me, who never met her or knew her personally but deeply touched by her passion to help others and share her knowledge. My thoughts and prayers in this difficult time to those closest to Marianne. …

Philip Perera


Sorry to hear about Marianne’s passing, she was an outstanding member of the NetBackup community and a really helpful person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.   …

Graeme Gofton


Marianne was a stalwart in the NetBackup user community always seeking to elevate the knowledge and capability of others.  She was a patient helper and a sterling example of how to guide and exhort users and other technologists to expand their knowledge without seeming arrogant and rarely impatient.  She was a genuinely brilliant technologist …

Graeme Gofton

Deb Wilmot

I’m so sorry to hear of Marianne’s sudden passing.  She was a bright star!  I can’t imagine NetBackup forums without her guidance and knowledge.  To Marianne’s family – she will be greatly missed.  The passing of one’s loved ones is never easy; but try to smile when you think of her.   She will be missed …

Graeme Gofton

Mercia Stiglingh

Marianne will be missed. Condolences to Willie and the family. I wish you strength during this difficult time. …

Graeme Gofton

David Critchley

Marianne was an Excellent contributor to the VOX Veritas forum and helped many people in the time she spent on it.   She will be missed as a voice of reason and someone who clearly understood our complex product very well indeed.   My thoughts are with her family and friend at this time. …

Graeme Gofton

Miriam V

So sorry to hear this. Marianne’s presence on the NetBackup forum is well known across employees and customers who have mentioned her to me several times working on cases.  Her impact has been outstanding and she will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.  Rest in peace Marianne.  …

Graeme Gofton


So sorry to hear of Marianne’s passing – she was a good engineer and a wonderful friend. Rest in peace…. …

Graeme Gofton

Gillian Anton

Marianne, so sorry to hear of your passing. Rest in peace. You will be greatly missed.    To your family – my deepest condolences on your loss. Marianne was a legend in the Veritas NetBackup community. Always there to answer queries and give sage advice. We will miss her dearly.  …


Burnet Jonker

My heartfelt condolences to Willie and family. Marianne will be missed. …

Graeme Gofton

Chris Dawes

I am deeply saddened by loss of Marianne     My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. And we are all thinking of you at this time.   Chris Dawes 🙏 …


Mark Stringer

A great loss to her family, friends and the NetBackup Community. I feel like a member of all of these and will miss her greatly. My love and condolences to all at this time. Her memories and “Solutions” will live on. Much love Mark …

Graeme Gofton

Martin Holt

I was so sorry to learn of the sad news of Marianne, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Martin …

Graeme Gofton

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