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Margaret Ann Blake 1945 - 2020

 Margaret touched the lives of so many of us in lots of different ways. Please do share your thoughts and memories as we celebrate her life. 

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Hi Margaret, I woke up the other morning and realised I would never see you again.  It was such a shock.  You have been there for me all my life, offering love and support always.  I will miss you greatly. x …


Nic North

Dear Cornwall Mum, you have left a little gap behind of your hugs, laughter and just plain loveliness… but you have also left lots of amazing memories to help fill it and I feel lucky to be a part of them. You’re such a beautiful lady in so many ways and will always be …


Mary and Martin

We don’t want to say goodbye because you will be in our hearts forever. We had so may good and fun times at the shows over the past 30 plus years and I am sure you are still having a giggle about some of them. You have been a brilliant friend and you were …


Clare Dicker

Dear lovely Margaret, I’m so happy to have known you. Thank you for putting up with me as a teenager, on many occasions, sat in your kitchen, consuming your toast and earl grey tea with Simon! I always admired you back then, as a devoted mum and a strong lady and how you and …



❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ …


Philip & Pauline Albon

Dearest Margaret Such a wonderful lady, friend and neighbour. You made us welcome from the very first time we met. We have lost count of the many stories and chats, accompanied by the odd glass of Prosecco with strawberries. Our introduction to life in Cornwall has been so brilliant because of you. We will …


Alice Chick

Margaret, I have so many fond memories of time spent with you and John during my childhood, memories I will treasure for a long long time. I was only small when we lived in Cornwall and so I don’t remember a lot of things from that time but most of the memories I do …


Tracey Chick

Margaret  You and John showed Steve and I such kindness when we moved to Sunnyside Meadow in 1995. We were new parents- Emily was 4 months old. She was joined by Alice a couple of years later and you loved to pop in for a cuppa and a cuddle of the babies. They both …


Paul and Kathy Taylor

Margaret was a great friend to my Mum, Ann, and my father John Treleaven. Paul and I first met Margaret and John in 2015 on our first UK visit and subsequently each 18 months or so when we came to Cornwall. Margaret and John always made us welcome, we shared a few drinks, a …


Faye Ben, Matthew and Alex

Goodbye to a truly lovely lady. Thank you for some lovely Cornwall memories. We will watch out for your star shining above and look after your boys below.   xxxxx …


Emily Chick

Margaret. I have so many fantastic memories from my childhood which you were such a big part of. Time spent crafting, or watching you make jewellery and walks into town for sweets or a trip to the swimming pool. You were an extra Gran to me and a truly special person. I am glad …


Sara Law

Margaret, you were such an inspiring mother figure, always so full of warmth with so much love to give. Your smile and passion for family life would light up the room. Forever in our hearts, lots of love and prayers to you all XXxx  …



Margaret was so warm and welcoming when I came over to Simon’s home while we were at secondary school together. I remember a lot of laughter and kindness, and I remember thinking how lucky Simon was to have such a lovely mum, the kind of mum you could talk to about anything – a …


Ivan, Nicola and Karl Stanmore

Auntie Margaret (as we knew her) was our mothers oldest and dearest friend and my God Mother. She was a lovely caring person who’s door was always open to us. Auntie Margaret and Uncle John made a promise to our mum and kept that promise to the present day, helping us when it was …


Daniel Hargreaves

I shall always remember being a child and going to the Royal Cornwall Show with Mararet, John and my Grandparents where I would sit with Marg and my grandmother, Jean, and help them sell their jewelery ( I say help, I imagine in reality I just watched). I remember sitting by their dog (previously …


Mary and Dave

Many people walk in and out of our lives, but some people touch our hearts. As Margaret did ours.  …


Kerry Davey

Auntie Margaret, you’ve always been in my life and in the later years always cared and asked about Kiera. When ever I visited mum you and uncle John would always pop up to see us or we’d pop down to you. Growing up I’d help on the Jewellery stand and loved going to Sidmouth Folk …


Cheryl and Paul Kneebone

Margaret was a brilliant best friend to my mum and also like another mother to me, which at times was difficult as I was not the best behaved teenager and having two mums to disappoint was hard.  I looked up to both of them and learned alot about life from these two great women, …


The Hodgsons

Margaret was a one-of-a-kind – an adored wife, mother, grandma, great grandma and wonderful friend.  We cherish the countless happy memories our families share.  Sending sincere sympathies, love and best wishes to the Blake Family from All of the Hodgsons.   …

Stuart Hodgson

Nicky Neate

Dear Margaret, I feel very fortunate to have known you. Time spent in your company was always a pleasure and I shall miss your generous warmth and welcoming smile. I’m sure you will only be a whisper away from the family you loved so much. Travel well lovely lady. …



Our family  will miss you Margaret, your friendship, Your love as cousin friend, most of all you were like a sister to me, always making us welcoming, we will miss your love and laughter. Rose John Clare Darren, Richard Cath Jacob and Nathan ❤ …


Beccy Robinson

Thank you Margaret for welcoming my family into yours. Your  infectious smile and wonderful wisdom. I will keep the promise I made to you in the summer and will cherish the cuddle we had  x  …



Dearest Mum Cornwall. Like countless others, I will find solace in the memories of the many happy times that we have shared together, but I will miss you, especially your laughter, and your hugs, and your sensitivity and kindness.    Your love will live on in all our hearts xxxx …


Sharon Munnings

Darling Mama Blake. Your heart was always so full of love for everybody, and you were always so kind and thoughtful and giving. You have been such a big part of my life for so many years and I will miss you very much. I’ll look after your boys and they will look after each …


Debbie Van-Nuil

I will always remember Margaret with so much warmth. Such a beautiful lady inside & out. Such a proud and caring wife, mum & grandmother. You will always be in my heart Margaret. So glad I got to spend some time with you. I will treasure our chat together always. Rest in peace & …


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