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Lidwine Boguie 2

Lidwine Boguie

Lidwine Boguie joined GE Healthcare, now Cytiva, in 2010 and looked after the French region in the customer service team.

Lidwine was a dedicated team member from day one and worked her way up to a senior position where she was involved in several projects and teams.

She was also a devoted mum to her 2 children Ketsiah and Melvin, a loving wife to Philippe and caring sister to her siblings.

At work she was a very positive colleague and someone you could always count on.  She became a friend to many.

Lidwine did not always have an easy life but despite the hardships, she had the most positive outlook on life and often said she felt blessed.

She truly was a beautiful person inside and out. We will never forget her smile, her kindness, her determination and her courage.

She will forever be in our hearts.

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