In Loving Memory of


Leslie Charles Flanagan (Les)

Devoted Brother, Father, Grandfather, Husband, Friend, and Colleague

It is with great sadness and unimaginable pain that we say goodbye to Les here in this book. He passed away on Friday 28th Oct after a prolonged battle with cancer, a battle that he faced with immense bravery, humility, and characteristic humour. He showed a strength that will characterise his legacy and show those of us that remain a great example. 

On 3rd May 1954 the second son of Murray and Jean Flanagan, Les was born. He grew up in London Colney idolising his big brother Ray and eventually becoming a big brother to Murray and then Helen, who he dearly loved and cared for immensely. He often reminisced about his childhood and how wonderful it was, despite his parents having nothing of value they gave their children the greatest childhood filled with adventures, experiences, and laughter. Written off at school as a ‘damn cuckoo’ Les went out into the working world and found himself in the logistics industry as a forklift truck driver. A humble start for a man that was to go on to become a titan in the same industry and then owner of three very successful logistics companies. Not bad for the young lad that left school with nothing.

His early days as a new parent were to Andrew and Christel, doing all he could to make their lives a joy and balancing a busy work life with the demands of a single parent, quite unheard of in the early 1980s. Much like his parents and their grandparents Les gave them all he could, despite the challenges he faced. Two became five with the arrival of Matthew, Oliver, and Elizabeth and then seven with the arrival of twins Isabella and Alexi. Selfless, caring, loving, and nurturing he would give all to see others happy, especially his children. His dedication to fatherhood was immeasurable and his love and care unmatched. His dedication to his role of ‘Uncle Les’ led him to taking the unruly mob out on road trips and outings, camping, and caravanning, and causing havoc when entertaining them at grandparent visits. Whilst the stress of such adventures was palpable, Les took it all in his stride and cared for everyone in the kindest ways.

Becoming a grandfather for the first time in 2004 he had the opportunity to extend his love and care all over again to a new generation. Showing Mollie, Sophie, and Ava his love, care, and kindness.

Les met Provan in 1997 and they married in 2005, they shared a wonderful life together with travel, children, adventures, and Provan supported Les in everything he did. Most notably the raising of their lovely twins Isabella and Alexi and the creation of the businesses they ran together.

Les made many, many friends on his journey and always had time for everyone. He was a colleague to some, a boss to others and a mentor and leader to all of those he came across in his professional life. He worked for some of the biggest logistics companies in the world and often spoke very fondly of the people he had the pleasure to call a friend or a colleague. He added warmth, charm, and positivity to all situations, and he did so with respect and empathy.

Les will be dearly missed by all who knew him, and he will live on in all of us.

Please share your memories, pictures, and comments in this book. It will go on to be a notable keepsake for the whole family. 

Goodbye old man, thank you for everything. God bless and see you next time.

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Simon Edwards

So sorry to hear of Les’s passing.  I worked with him when he was at Ligentia working with Intelipac. He always had a smile and a laugh even in the most difficult circumstances. He was always helpful and would always provide a workable solution. My condolences to the family who have lost a lovely fella. Simon. …

Clare Snaith

The day we announced our partnership back in June 21 was such an amazing day. I clicked with Les immediately we laughted a lot and new so many of the same people. From day one we gained new business and the buzz was fantastic. He was so energetic and positive. I will always be grateful for his support and giving the best chance to work with one of the legends of the logistics industry. I miss him and his wise words every day. I hope we can do him proud keeping his legacy alive. Crikey, Roger and Blimey! Love you boss. X     …

Kevin Walsh

Our friendship began at a very early age as neighbours in Manor Road, London colney. Our families were great neighbours and friends. Growing up together and sharing many friends we had such fun and laughter with all the antics we used to get upto. There are just too many tales to be told but they were very special times we spent together.  You were always a great friend and one I will always remember with a smile. As we grew up and started to spend more time in the pubs those antics and fun never stopped.  It has been a real honour to be able to call myself your friend all these years and to remember all the memorable times we had together growing up. You were always there for me and all your family. RIP Les. You were one hell of a guy and will be missed by so many. …

Adrian Hobbs

Les , we didn’t have that many years knowing each other but the years we did have were great, they were great because every time we spoke or met we laughed and laughed and laughed, I’m not quite sure why we laughed so much but our humor was very enjoyable. When you get to your new logistics centre “up there” look down and remember the good times we had because I sure will. God bless Les, your going to be missed by so many , for sure.  Adrian  …

Oliver Flanagan

Dad, I remember running to the door when you returned home asking you to get the clarinet out so you could teach me how to play it. You also gave me my middle name “benjamin” after a famous clarinet player. You taught me self defense, how to polish shoes, how to look and be smart and most of all taught me that life will kick you if you let it. You taught me resilience, grit and determination will get you on the journey to your dreams and most of all you taught me that if I didnt have a ticket I wasn’t getting on the bus! You had an aura around you that with it bought happiness and laughter, I never once had a bad day when I was with you …. well unless I was throwing my brand new toys down the stairs on boxing day! Thank you for all the memories we shared even the ones where you jumped in the puddle on holiday drowed me and the dog nearly chewed my hand off, but you still laughed!  I will miss your business updates on LinkedIn, I genuinely loved seeing you succeed in life, you always encouraged …

Paul Howarth

I worked with Les on a couple of projects. He was always most professional. He invited me to visit him at his home but unfortunately it never happened. Les you were a pleasure to have known. RIP …

Graham Tomkins

Les was a true ‘one off’. A very kind, generous and considered gentleman. In business and in life, he always did what he said he was going to do – which always stands a man out from the crowd. He was our ‘logistical expert’ Non Executive Director at Goodwill Solutions Community Interest Company. A business I know he loved and always contributed so much too. He was always full of good ideas, had boundless energy and was the hardest working man I knew. He put the hours in and he always had – Les understood what it took to be successful, and he was very successful. Not only will I miss his sage advice, but also his excellent sense humour and his appreciation of the absurb! We had lots of great giggles, non of which I could possibly relay here! Rest In Peace Les. …

Jim spittle

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Les for many Years. He was my friend. He will be sadly missed by many, however we all have of precious memories which will hold us in good stead. My sincerest condolences to his family. …

Murray Flanagan

So we started the new year of 2022 and how would you ever believe how it would unfold, our big brothers Ray and Les passing away with in five months of one another  For my sister Helen and I our brothers were a decade older than us so we looked up to them with respect and they meant everything to us, always there if we had a problem to air  Les taught me to drive a car at the age of 14 and would let me drive it around the yard where he worked. He also taught me to drive a reach truck at the same age at the old Cory’s where house of which he was the fork truck trainer and where he won fork truck driver of the year late 70s  Don’t believe that I ever had a cross word with Les except for once when he broke down in the centre of London in his car, God knows how he got hold of me as there was no such thing as mobile phones, so I drove to him and towed him all the way home in the dark he couldn’t see where he was going and …