In Loving Memory of


Laurie (Laurence) Stone

Laurie Stone – Husband to Maeve, Father to Nick & Alex and Grandad to his six Grandchildren, passed away at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital on Sunday 12th June.

There will be no funeral, as he wished, but the family welcome donations to Laurie’s chosen charity in aid of Motor Neuron Disease HERE in his name.




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Nick Cooper

So sorry to hear of the passing of Laurie. He was a very talented old school journalist. He gave me the opportunity to become a down table sub at the Halifax Courier and taught me well. Eventually I too became chief sub thanks to him and others. We had many a laugh in those …

Toni Castillo-Stone

My Memories of Laurence, my Brother in law Wedding…for some bride, it is suppose to be the happiest day of their life. That’s what I hear. I was happy, I’m marrying the man I love of my own choosing, but very nervous of meeting the other family member of Geoffrey especially his only brother. …

Geoffrey Stone

My brother and me With the seven year difference between Laurence and me, the social interaction was limited and largely non-existent. Not to say that we didn’t get on but we had different interests and the age difference was a severe block to doing anything together.At this time of the Platinum Jubilee the often …

Carol Raistrick

Andy and I were due to go and stay with Maeve and Laurie for a few days but when we got to their house there was a note saying Maeve had gone into labour and Laurie had taken her to the hospital and to make ourselves at home and wait for news. Of course …