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Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds 1943-2021 – a true gentleman, and an inspiration to all

Kev Reynolds, one of the country’s leading outdoor writers, died on Friday 10 December 2021

Kev was a leading Pyrenean expert, admired across the world. He knew the Alps from end to end as few do and explored Nepal and the Himalaya over the course of 20 extended trips. He also had extensive knowledge of Kent, where he made his home, and southern England. 

Kev wrote over 50 books, mainly guides and inspirational titles to his much-loved mountains, and became a master-craftsman of this unlikely but challenging art. He said it was ‘the best job in the world’ and quickly became a leading practitioner with his guides published by Cicerone for whom he became a leading writer and counsellor. 

He was a lifetime and then honorary member of a range of organisations including the British Association of Mountain Leaders and Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, whose lifetime achievement award he received in 2014. His work was widely recognised by his peers. He became a skilled lecturer, giving up to 50 talks each winter. 

As well as his exploring, writing and talks, Kev was a devoted family man. His life-long love Min enabled his many adventures whilst bringing up their two daughters, Claudia and Ilsa during a full life running a youth hostel before Kev became a full-time writer. 

Thank you Kev


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David Hawkes

In the late 80’s as a 16 year old school boy, I was fortunate to first visit the splendour of the Pyrenees.  In fact, our schools French teacher (a most unassuming and unlikely candidate for such things) arranged a trip for a small group of us to journey south to these magnificent mountains. Mr Clifford as we knew him, had spent the previous two summers taking 16 or so of us to Corsica where we traversed the equally tantalising GR11 – like Kev he lived for the mountains and had spent many summers introducing 5th and 6th formers to such adventures.  It was the Pyrenees that captured my heart and here where Mr Clifford first introduced me and others to Kev’s sublime guides.  That little blue book, the words Kev so carefully strung together to inspire, guide and uplift the traveler were precious to Mr Clifford and latterly us boys. Thirty odd years later Kev’s books still guide our steps, all three of my children have trod the routes Kev so expertly describes.  With my youngest daughter sitting her GCSE’s this summer, her wish – a post exam trip to the Pyrenees to get away from it all, stimulated …

Michael Blyth

Kev touched upon my life from afar, we sadly never met, but exchanged thoughts, from him advice and from me a smattering of photos from a trek, and an article which he read and repleid with kind and wise words. His guidebooks carried the ‘scent’ of ehere he was, and are the most approachable of all the Cicerone guides we have. His signing off phrase, which I love for its gentleness and hope, I have adopted for myself.  if there are mountains in heaven, I hope one day to meet you! All good wishes,  Michael Blyth …

Rosemary Holmes

I hope I am not too late to express my condolences to you and your daughters for the loss of your husban Kev last year. A month ago I bought a copy of ‘Abode of the Gods’ and would like to tell you of the delight and excitement I have had reliving our trek around Annapurna Circuit through his account and wonderful photographs. I cannot close without appreciating the Nepalese – such kind and cheerful, often humourous, guides and porters. I owe thanks to Kev for reminding me just how amazing Nepal is. I now also have a copy of ‘A Walk in the Clouds’ which I look forward to reading soon. …

Peter Hendrickson

Kev was our first Ciecerone author and he won us over before we first set foot on the Hiker’s Haute Route.  Turn-by-turn he guided, reassured, amused and made accessible the wonders of the Alps.  At one hut the table talk reported that Kev was one day behind us, working on the next edition.  This was a personal relationship with a fellow war baby we never got to meet. We’ve lost a friend and hero.  Thanks to the Cicerone family for this wonderful partnership and the Min and family.  We’re sorry to lose a friend. //Peter and Nancy, Seattle USA//   …

Françoise Besson

Today, 23 April 2022, those who love Kev are gathered in Kent to celebrate Thanksgiving for him. I am geographically far from Crochkam Hill, but I am in spirit with Kev and with Min, and Claudia and Ilsa and all those who love him. Thank you, Kev, for all these years of friendship, thank you for what you brought to my life, for showing us how to celebrate each moment of life, always smiling. It’s my mother who introduced you to me through a text about your passion for the Pyrenees, your « spiritual home »,  in the journal called Pyrénées; you left this world, on 10 December, my mother’s birthday… My latest mountain walk with you and your wonderful wife Min, and Michel, my childhood friend, was also the same walk as the last one made by my father, to the Lac de Besiberri. You wove threads between all those who met you, you taught us to see connections and love all the world, from your beloved family and your neighboring friends to your Sherpa friends at the other end of the world or to an unknown walker met on a path;  you loved the world from the tiniest blade of …

Therese Madden

My deep condolences to Kev’s friends and family.  I corresponded with him once, in appreciation for his guidance after hiking the Haute Route.  I’ve never done that with a travel author before or since, which speaks volumes about the way his books were written  It was many years ago, but I still have his book.  I particularly remember coming toward the top of the Fenestra d’Arpete and having a family ask, “are you with Kev?”  I was… and it turned out they were neighbors and knew him personally.  I also remember the final day of that trip, turning a corner with anticipation because of his glorious description of the view.  Those words have followed me through decades of exploring beautiful mountain ranges, so much so that I can repeat them from memory:  “what was spread before me, before us, was a priceless gem of perfection, an unsurpassed, unparalleled vision of glory.”  Indeed, I repeated them earlier this week at a spectacular viewpoint in Yosemite.  I appreciate his eloquence, his guidance, and the memories that he helped to create.  My deepest sympathy to all who knew him. …

Claudia Reynolds

It has been one calendar month now since you took your final breath.  I know you are free and happy and now on the longest trip of eternity in the heavens above us but you are so missed.  You taught us to be strong and always positive minded, to be grateful for life and all that we have.  But it is tough without you, but I am taking a deep breath and remember you saying ‘for every moment of sadness is a moment less of happiness’.  You were the best father anyone could ever wish for.  The never ending love and support, friendship, adventures shared, encouragement was always there.  You told me ‘life is precious, to follow my dreams and that some may tread on your shadows but the best will be those that are uniquely mine’.  I will miss not being able to tell you my plans and stories, to not have your arms around me, to chat and laugh.  But I know you will always be with me, from afar…  Thank you Pop, for being my Pop and I love you for ever xox  …

John Banks

I’ve been walking over high passes in the alps for the last twenty-five years and Kev has been, and will continue to be, a constant companion.   Other writers are available, but Kev was unique in combining perfect directions with enthusiasm and inspiration.  A sad loss to so many grateful walkers. …

Caroline Draper

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Kev over the years, as part of the Cicerone design team. Our final fling together, along with Verity, was Cicerone’s 50 book which was a very special project, curated brilliantly by Kev. Ever the generous, kind man, he always deflected praise from himself and made sure he gave plenty to others. How we will miss him. Thanks Kev! …

Marc, Diane and Elen

Our deepest condolences to Min and the family. Kev’s memory will remain alive through his most amazing wife, Min, his lovely family, his writing and his beautiful picture books. We often referred to Kev as ‘Mr Sunny-Disposition Pants’, for his most infectious positive outlook, smile and laughter. Our guesthouse is mentioned in one of Kev’s travel guides and many a time after descending over the Trummelbach Falls and wearily slumping through our front door, the guests would remark: ‘ I would certainly like to meet this Mr Reynolds, who calls this a stroll!’ We have been very priviledged and honored to have known Kev. This world has lost a great man. …
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