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Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds 1943-2021 – a true gentleman, and an inspiration to all

Kev Reynolds, one of the country’s leading outdoor writers, died on Friday 10 December 2021

Kev was a leading Pyrenean expert, admired across the world. He knew the Alps from end to end as few do and explored Nepal and the Himalaya over the course of 20 extended trips. He also had extensive knowledge of Kent, where he made his home, and southern England. 

Kev wrote over 50 books, mainly guides and inspirational titles to his much-loved mountains, and became a master-craftsman of this unlikely but challenging art. He said it was ‘the best job in the world’ and quickly became a leading practitioner with his guides published by Cicerone for whom he became a leading writer and counsellor. 

He was a lifetime and then honorary member of a range of organisations including the British Association of Mountain Leaders and Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, whose lifetime achievement award he received in 2014. His work was widely recognised by his peers. He became a skilled lecturer, giving up to 50 talks each winter. 

As well as his exploring, writing and talks, Kev was a devoted family man. His life-long love Min enabled his many adventures whilst bringing up their two daughters, Claudia and Ilsa during a full life running a youth hostel before Kev became a full-time writer. 

Thank you Kev


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Claudia Reynolds

It has been one calendar month now since you took your final breath.  I know you are free and happy and now on the longest trip of eternity in the heavens above us but you are so missed.  You taught us to be strong and always positive minded, to be grateful for life and …

John Banks

I’ve been walking over high passes in the alps for the last twenty-five years and Kev has been, and will continue to be, a constant companion.   Other writers are available, but Kev was unique in combining perfect directions with enthusiasm and inspiration.  A sad loss to so many grateful walkers. …

Caroline Draper

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Kev over the years, as part of the Cicerone design team. Our final fling together, along with Verity, was Cicerone’s 50 book which was a very special project, curated brilliantly by Kev. Ever the generous, kind man, he always deflected praise from himself and made sure …

Marc, Diane and Elen

Our deepest condolences to Min and the family. Kev’s memory will remain alive through his most amazing wife, Min, his lovely family, his writing and his beautiful picture books. We often referred to Kev as ‘Mr Sunny-Disposition Pants’, for his most infectious positive outlook, smile and laughter. Our guesthouse is mentioned in one of …

David Stafford

I have known Kev and Min for over 50 years as my wife and I moved into the village of Crockham Hill at roughly the same time. He became a legend in the village, and was equally popular among all sections of the community. During a walk in the Alps in 2002 – as …

sally Boulton

Kev was one of the most generous, kind people I have ever met. He’s love of life was beautiful and touched so many people. My first ever memory of Kev was playing a Munchkin in our local panto. He wrote 2 pantomimes for us and his wit and talent with a pen shone out. We …

Ron Barnes

I remember Kev from when I was hiking with him, as a member of his group, in the Austrian Alps.  Kev was super-fit then and could out-walk anyone. I also remember his splendid adventure talks, given to our ski club, “MADSKI”, in Kent.  Kev’s mountain photographs, that he used to illustrate his talks, were …

jannicke brun

Kev, a dear, trusted and loving friend is no longer with us in person, but will be with us in spirit and memory for the rest of our lives. Over fifty years ago we walked together with our first-born children in Snowdonia. Later we stayed at Crockham Hill YHA on our way to different parts …

Lorraine Gardner

As a member of the Cicerone team I had the pleasure of sending Kev his royalty payments.  These were always received with humble gratitude, a certain amount of surprise and a lovely reply expressing his thanks…here is one of many – ‘Relief swept into our home yesterday afternoon when your email arrived. Hurrah, me thinks, …

Craig Segall

In 2011, after a season of difficult family circumstances, a respite was sorely needed. Kev’s guidebook to the Via Alpina was just the thing, and soon had me on a sometimes-damp, sometimes-rainbow-filled, always lovely two week jaunt. He was remarkably kind and generous in response to email questions from a novice trekker, too. He …
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