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In May 2018, our world changed forever when Jordan was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. She knew it was a battle she couldn’t win but she tried to stay as positive as possible and put up the fight of her life. On 19th March 2020 we lost our beautiful daughter and sister who we miss greatly as well as all her family. She was an incredible person who was always thoughtful, kind to everyone and thankfully enjoyed her life to the fullest. Jordan was loved by all who knew her and had many amazing friends.

Due to Covid, we weren’t able to give Jordan the funeral she deserved where everybody could say their goodbyes. It is now coming up to the one year anniversary of her passing and we are still unable to organise a memorial to celebrate her life. Instead, we have created this online memory book for all who knew her to share their thoughts and memories so please share any messages, photos or videos you may have. 


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Stacey Manders

Jords,  It has taken me this long to write something because, I simply cannot find the words to say. I still can’t believe you aren’t here with us. You my gorgeous girl, are one in  million. I never heard you have a bad word to say about anyone. I still remember babysitting you and …

Jill OHara

Gloria Harry

Jordan’s mum has described exactly who Jordan was we are only neighbours but watched the beautiful child grow and develop into the beautiful woman she was and during her illness she became like family to us and her death affected us very deeply and we miss seeing her visit her mum we will remember …

Jill OHara

Lynsey Johnston

Jordan started out as my colleague but after our first residential together at Carlton and realising we knew most of the same people, shared a love of partying, shots and mostly ending up in the Dickens we became friends. She was a beautiful girl both inside and out and an amazing teacher. I remember …

Jill OHara

Julia Rodwell

Jordan was our school’s shining star. We were delighted when she was offered not one but two leaderships jobs. Jordan was so talented and amazing at her chosen career. The children in her class adored her. She was loved and respected by everyone at the school. I always remember how lovely she was about …


Cindi Murrell

Jordan swam for MASC with my daughters, and we all remember her to be just a gorgeous, unassuming young girl. Never showy, always a great team player, and I can’t ever recall a negative comment spoken about her. We have just found out about this sad news, and are devastated for you all. A …

Cindi Murrell

Emma Elliott

Jordan, I can’t believe it has been a whole year and not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. From the moment we met, I knew that we were going to be good friends (with or without the boys!) We have shared some wonderful memories, from swimming with turtles in Barbados, …

Jill OHara


My Amazing cousin Jordan, we all miss you everyday and the most I miss about you is your positivity, you were so caring and kind and such a big part of our family. The family get togethers ain’t the same without you anymore but your always their in spirit. You were always smiling even …

Jill OHara


Jord I can’t believe it’s been a year, I miss you so much and have so much to tell you. From meeting when we worked at the Leisure centre as teenagers our friendship went from strength to strength, you were always friendly, positive and kind. The social butterfly of our group I always admired …

Jill OHara

Grandad Adam

Jordan my wonderful,thoughtful,delightful and caring granddaughter. Yes she was all of those things to me and much much more I just wish I had told her these things when I had the chance. Jordon was loved not just by her friends and family but as I recall by my Alsatian dog (Baz). As a …

Jill OHara


Jordan…I have so many wonderful memories of us growing up. We experienced so many firsts together…our first night out in Boro (Corner House Thursday and we were rough as toast in school the next day 😂), our first holidays away from our own families – centre parks with your family and a caravan in …

Jill OHara

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