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John George Hunter

John George Hunter

31/12/68 – 31/3/23

Not wanting to miss the party, John arrived in this World around 10:00pm New Year’s Eve 1968.

He made a big entrance, weighing in at 10lb 8oz! John lived his life exactly how he started – doing things his way and ‘making an entrance’ wherever he went!

He had a huge heart, a big personality and a monster appetite for the things that made him happiest. Music, playing his guitars, nice cars, Formula 1 racing, cooking, and eating great food, holidays in France, nature programs, wildlife and animals, especially big ones! Spending time with his ‘grand-children’ gave John the excuse to be the big kid that he was, and they loved his antics!

John’s many close friends were a big part of his life and he felt honored to have known them; some of whom go back to his days at Orley Farm School and Gordonstoun, where he spent several years enjoying the rigors of life in remote Scotland.

He made friends wherever he went and knew someone from just about every realm of life. To know John was to love him! He was bold and brave and fearless and yet in oh so many ways, he was a push over!

After many years in and around London, working in the family business and venturing out into several small businesses of his own, John settled in Bournemouth where he, his parents and his sister Carol have a long-standing relationship with the area. A stint in the Bournemouth ‘Specials’ Police force saw him work hard at getting super fit, and on many a morning, he could be seen running up and down the ‘zig-zag’ ravines to make the cut!

John shared his life with his wife and Soul Mate, Susan, whom he loved passionately. Together they had dreams of moving to the country, raising chickens, and getting multiple dogs. He was close to realizing that dream and would have done it in the way that he did everything. With a lot of bravado and a big entrance!

He has made his final entrance now in the biggest arena there is. He departed here with grace and bravery, and resignation, that sadly the party had come to an end.

Rest in Peace and go get ‘em John!


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Nick Burleigh

John Hunter, a name so well known during our years on Harrow on the Hill. Friday nights that ended on Sunday mornings at one of the various flats on the hill.  Our weekend at Stowe and the Britsh Grand Prix, and the endless calls when you where yacht spotting on your adventures in Monaco. You should have been a rock star, as you lived the life. Shine on my friend, we will laugh again up there.   Nick …

Paul Hodges

Like some of John’s other friends, It’s taken me a bit of time to write something her. It doesn’t seem possible, going from a very recent converstion regarding which show we were all attending to see one of our musical heroes, Def Leppard, to now, where he’s no longer with us, at least in person, anymore. That very show we discussed, is happening in one week’s time as I write this. I don’t think it will ever be quite the same seeing the band again, knowing I won’t get that excited phone call from John, as I always did. I can see from what others have written, that everyone had their own experience knowing him, like chapters in a book I suppose. I first met him around 2003, we were both on a Def Leppard fan forum and had a mutual interest in guitars. That same year, the band made a very unusual appearance at Portsmouth Guildhall, a place that was pretty local to us both, so he came up with this crazy plan that we should both take our very expensive Phil Collen siganture guitars to the Guildhall to get them signed by Phil Collen himself. We made …

Heather Thomas-Smith

RIP to a wonderful man who lived his life to the full. We shared many a laugh at school together and his love for music introduced me to a range of bands I had never expected to pay much attention to. I still have old cassette tapes somewhere from school which include the likes of The Jam and the band he played in. We last saw each other at an OG reunion where we reminisced old times, little knowing that would be the last time we saw each other. Go well my friend xx …

Dave&Joanne Morley

Can’t believe John Hunter has left us all behind so soon. A true force of nature and a great friend to have known. From Rolex watches, TVR’s, Harley Davison’s, Guitars and Rock Music. Not forgetting of course watching many a Grand Prix and drinking too much Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque on the Hill. RIP my friend and no doubt see you soon 😎 Sincere Condolences to Susan Hunter and all his family. RIP John — with Joanne Morley. …

Claire Rey

John Hunter, bon viveur par excellence! He wil be missed by all who knew and loved him – a hard act to follow. RIP Sincere condolences to his beloved wife Susan   …


John had an immense zest for life, encouraging everyone who crossed his path to join in, in his love of life and living it to the max! From the moment I first spoke to John, he treated me as a friend. His smile and laugh was infectious and we will miss him deeply. Rest In Peace, John. You were wonderfully unique! …

James Baron Green

Dearest John, I am very deeply saddened to hear about your passing. We grew up in the late 1970’s at Orley Farm School at boarding school. We always shared a joke, a love of life, music and people. We met many times on the Judo mat representing the top flight of our School’s Judo under the the British Olympian Mr. Keith Remfry who turned into a mentor. We both represented the school football and rugby 1st XV where we went on to achieve huge respect from opposing teams as a very tough Scrum. We left our Prep School, went on to our respective schools and our paths didn’t cross until many years later in our 20’s, recounting our past and how much of a character your Dad was in my early years. We then became re-acquainted with one another and your lovely wife just a few years ago, promising over many conversations that we would meet again and have lunch together and catch up on our past and talk about our futures.  Losing someone from your early formative years really has had a deeply profound effect upon me. It tells me to live in the moment and enjoy the …

Clare Day

What can I say my dear John, we only met you once but you made us so so welcome and opened up your home to us. Thank you for letting us join you for the Coldplay film and treating us with the lovely supper after. RIP my friend xxxx …

Eric and Deb Wallace

John, we are so saddened by your sudden departure. Deb and I were so looking forward to our next adventure to Villefranche and the Las Vegas Gran Prix. Thank you for the amazing time and looking after the girls in France. Here is Deb having a Rose at our local Hard Rock in Seattle. We celebrate you!  We miss and love you and we will always be I touch with the love of your life Susan. Eric & Deb …

Vanessa Partridge

Well John, our family only knew you for a few short years.  Once met, never forgotten.  Me, Jim and the boys loved your joy in life, your confidence and bravado.  You did right to indulge in the best things in life ’cause why wouldn’t you!  Who knows what’s ahead …. of course you had several glimpses of what’s to come and I guess that’s what made you grasp life by the horns and ride it!  Loved your stories and laughs.  And you leant my boys your Van Halen guitar which we will never forget as a wonderful – and brave – thing to do.  You’re up there with the other legends now in the next phase of your being.  Proud to have known you. …