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Jenny Theodule

It is with great sadness that on Sunday 31st January 2021, we learned that Jenny has passed away.  Please share your memories of your time spent with her and send a message to help her passing.   

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Iain Dimond

I first met Jenny around a decade ago and then a couple of years later we became neighbours on the first floor at Memorial Hospital. We would chat on the corridor often while waiting to use the kitchen and I would lend her my office from time to time when she needed a space …

Dee Harrad

Jan P.

I have known Jenny as a colleague for so many years and we first worked together in residential care. Over the years whenever our paths crossed Jenny would always make time for a chat. We would speak about our families and her love and pride in her children and then grandchildren was so lovely …

Dee Harrad

Jayne Davis

Dear Jenny, my friend. I loved and will miss our conversations about our growing families and our mutual passion for our profession. You loved your family so much, each and every one of them and I know they loved you. You were a natural communicator and mentor and your wisdom will live on in …

Dee Harrad

Janice Williamson

What can I say about our Jenny? Jenny was not only a work colleague, but a friend in and out of Oxleas for many years. Her big personality, and love of the finer things, kept you laughing all day long. Her compassion for others, her love of her family and her loyalty to her …

Dee Harrad


I first met Jenny decades ago in her role as Mental Health Support Worker.  I remember thinking that Jenny held so much knowledge, not only about the service users she worked with, but she could tell you about their family, community, characteristics, culture and sometimes their aspirations.  As the years progressed when I met …

Dee Harrad

Ruth Ashworth

I have known Jenny for the last few years our paths crossing with MARAC,safeguarding and more recently at the Memorial.  Jenny I thought you were a beautiful spirit that touched many lives.  A social worker through and through.  I will miss our discussions and mutual support, it’s so sad and such a great loss.  …

Dee Harrad

Frederica Joseph

Dear Jenny’s family and loved ones. Please accept my condolences for the lost of your beloved daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, partner, godmother and friend. It has taken me a while to consider what to write because like so many have already said, we were not looking for Jenny to pass so …

Dee Harrad

Sharmaine Rutsito

It was deeply shocking and sad learning of the passing of Jenny. My sincere condolences to Jenny’s family for their loss. Sending you all healing prayers and comforting hugs at this unimaginably difficult time. Jenny was a loving, caring, considerate, passionate and bubbly work colleague who was not afraid to speak her mind in …

Dee Harrad

Corinne Blythe

Jenny, such a sweet and awesome soul. I missed our talks, your beautiful smile and your comical response. I know we lost touch since the covid lockdown but you was always on my mind. So sorry you went so quickly but you are now at peace. You be so greatly missed by me. Rest …

Dee Harrad

Dr Michael Elueme

I was saddened to hear that Jenny is no longer with us. May Her Gentle Soul Rest In Peace. I knew Jenny from my time with Oxleas in Greenwich and worked closely with her when we were in the same CMHT at the Heights many years ago. I found her to be very professional, …

Dee Harrad

Alex Greenchester

Dear Jenny, I can remember so vividly the first time we met – you were on AMHP Duty and about to sit your re-warranting panel and I was in my first week as Lead Social Worker and we walked to the panel together. It was clear that your passion and enthusiasm for social work …

Dee Harrad

Carly Oliver

I am so sorry to hear this sad news.  When I worked at Memorial I would see Jenny in the kitchen or the PA office, she was always smiling and so cheerful. She had great dress sense which we used to talk about and she always spoke of her family fondly.  Absolutely shocking news.  …

Dee Harrad

Tara McCue-Oliphant

It’s been difficult to know what to write here and to even put into words  how truly special Jenny is. Coming into Social work as a newly qualified was daunting. Then I met my assessor Jenny and felt a bubble of support and protection wrap round me. That relationship developed and continued outside of …

Dee Harrad

Dr Monica Crugel

Jenny was a wonderfully knowledgeable, sensible, warm, optimistic and energetic clinician. I learned a lot from her and remember vividly many of our assessments. I will miss her. …

Monica Crugel

Sunbo Alabi

I am still in shock that you passed away. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement  You were love by all, you will surely be missed. Biggest hugs and love to your family. Rest on Angel. …

Dee Harrad

Nicola Walker

You were very approachable, kind and helpful to me at a time when I had been thrown in at the deep end slightly and often didn’t know where to turn. Love and thoughts to your family, I hope you are resting well x …

Dee Harrad

Sharif Davis

I am truly devastated to hear of the sad passing of Jenny.  I first met you all those years ago as my lecturer when I was a student. I again met you while working in Greenwich. You will certainly be missed. May you rest in eternal peace Jenny. RIP …

Dee Harrad

Sara Veeramah

When I think about Jenny, I think of the brightest most infectious smile. She always warmed any room she was in, with her postive and kind attitude. I was very lucky to work with her while in the safeguarding adults team. Jenny helped and supported so many people through her work, compassion and thoughtfulness. …

Dee Harrad

Trish Robinson

I met Jennifer at the Memorial hospital. We worked together with student social workers in recent years and we often met around the building.  We had regular meaningful discussions about work and personal issues. Jennifer was such an  interesting person, she was full of advice and information which she willingly shared. The best thing …

Dee Harrad

Deborah Corrodus

It was a sad day when we learnt Jenny was with us no more. I knew Jenny for a number of years as a colleague and have fond memories of our chats. I remember how she would reach across to shake your hand if she agreed with something you said. This is something that …

Dee Harrad

Kim Suchit

Dear Jenny, I still am in shock that you have passed. I have known you since the year 2000. You were going to teach me to sing!We had so many laughs, I can still hear your giggle. You always had a beeming smile. I loved working with you in 2003/4 and again until very …


Maeve Malley

I used to meet Jenny quite often in the kitchen at Market Street – I first noticed her great clothes sense, her great laugh and her great lunches. We would chat about stuff and I loved her warmth and the ability for engagement that she had. I didn’t know her well – not like …

Dee Harrad

Elaine Walder

I worked with Jenny at Ferryview and was very saddened to hear of her recent passing. Jenny was such a lovely lady, kind, knowledgable and caring. She will be greatly missed.  May she rest in peace. …

Dee Harrad

Jay Lowman Greenwich Unison

I knew Jennifer for around 5 years, she was a true lady, loved her family so much, I almost felt like I knew some of you. Her smile and laugh brought sunshine to my day every time we met. she now dances with angels in the heavens above, never forgotten and always loved. RIP …

Dee Harrad

Michele Douglas

I did not know Jenny very well, we had met a few times and spoken on the phone when she worked at the Heights. She always seemed to be a very considerate and caring person.  I was sad to hear of her passing and send my condolences to her family, may she be resting …

Dee Harrad

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