In Loving Memory of


Jenni Jones

In loving memory of Jenni Jones from work colleagues and friends and a keepsake for Jenni’s family.


Allowing us to be part of her final day and her life has been a privilege and Jenni will always be remembered fondly. We remember Jenni as having a bubbly and positive outlook and exacting standards at work, which led to her acceptance onto the high potential scheme, Jenni was excited to be part of this and it’s a shame that she didn’t complete it, however, we know she would have done this scheme justice. Jenni always had her eye on the next challenging role; however, she also had a great deal of commitment to the team and service, and we are thankful that she never left us for pastures new.

We always loved to share in her stories about her boys who she was immensely proud of and adored. She often told us how they were doing at football and school.

Her keen eye as a photographer will always be remembered and we remain in awe of Jenni’s photos which she took on a phone without any fancy equipment. They show her to have been an accomplished photographer, on her long walks up big hills.

We will miss you Jenni and raise a glass to having known you.


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Jo Meikle

It is difficult to capture Jenni in a few words, she was such a force of nature. Jenni had such a huge capacity for love, this was the greatest part of who she was. She was driven by positivity and by the drive to make the world around her a better place. Jenni loved colour, she loved brightness and light, and by the beauty in the world. She loved the wild places in nature and loved to be as close to these as possible, drawing strength and peace from their beauty. Jenni also loves shoes. Her sitting in hospital, having chemotherapy wearing her pink stiletto shoes, embodies Jenni so well. Her ability to bring from pain and fear, a splash of colour and a ray of hope. Jenni loved fun, she loved going out with friends, meeting new people and she especially loved a nice gin. But what Jenni loved most in the world were her sons, Owen and Tudor. She was so incredibly proud of you both. Her strength and love, her drive and her determination will never leave. It will be with you, Owen and Tudor, every step of your lives. It will be with you when …

Jo Meikle

Here is a fab photo she took of the Wrekin – she loved it up there. I think they are the best ones she shared but I will have another look and if I come across any more I will forward them to you for the book. Jo …

Jo Meikle

Here is my favourite photo taken by Jenni – it is also one of Vicky’s. You may already have it, but out of them all, I think this is the most amazing photo she took. Jo …

Lesley Anne Insley

I didn’t know Jenny well, she visited our clinic once a week. Always said good morning and throughout the day I could hear her booming contagious laugh echo down the corridor and we always wondered what was so funny, and commented how nice it was to hear a bubbly laugh at the start of every week. This laugh is hugely being missed,  I imagine she is giggling away as she watches everyone from a far. Will be truly missed by those she worked with. Lesley Ann  …

Kieran Doherty

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jenni. She brought wisdom, humour and kindness to the workplace and always made the difficult sound possible. Kieran …
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