In Loving Memory of


Jenni Jones

In loving memory of Jenni Jones from work colleagues and friends and a keepsake for Jenni’s family.


Allowing us to be part of her final day and her life has been a privilege and Jenni will always be remembered fondly. We remember Jenni as having a bubbly and positive outlook and exacting standards at work, which led to her acceptance onto the high potential scheme, Jenni was excited to be part of this and it’s a shame that she didn’t complete it, however, we know she would have done this scheme justice. Jenni always had her eye on the next challenging role; however, she also had a great deal of commitment to the team and service, and we are thankful that she never left us for pastures new.

We always loved to share in her stories about her boys who she was immensely proud of and adored. She often told us how they were doing at football and school.

Her keen eye as a photographer will always be remembered and we remain in awe of Jenni’s photos which she took on a phone without any fancy equipment. They show her to have been an accomplished photographer, on her long walks up big hills.

We will miss you Jenni and raise a glass to having known you.


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