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Jéan Paul Meiring (JP)

1st March 1974 to 29th April 2021

On this page we lovingly pay tribute to our beloved Jéan Paul (JP) who passed away on 29 April 2021.  JP was fondly known by many as ‘the Legend’ – and was a wonderful father, husband, son and friend to many and will be sorely missed.

JP was one who always wore his heart on his sleeve and let people know how he felt.  He could always be relied on for his honesty and speaking his mind. 
He lived most of his life according to his motto, “Never Give Up” which is a good inspiration to us all on how to tackle any adveristy that comes our way.
His wise advice and his tough love will be missed but his spirit will remain in our hearts and through our laughter, as we reminisce with all the stories and adventures we were fortunate to share with him.

Late in 2017, at the age of 43 years, JP was shockingly diagnosed with terminal cancer: it had begun in the colon but already spread to his organs including his liver.  Receiving the news came completely out of the blue and it felt like a bombshell.

In typical JP style however, he faced the challenge head on and was an inspiring example to everyone.  Knowing his time might be short, JP made the most of his final years; many friends and family from all round the world got to spend precious moments together with him, creating lasting memories.

In spite of the long years on chemotherapy and other treatments he showed great strength and courage, even through all the pain and difficult side-effects of the medicines, which was a real testament to his character.

JP’s wish in his final days was that he wanted his family and friends to keep going, to make the most of our days and to live fully, keeping his memory alive in our actions and in our hearts.

He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family which was his final wish.

JP did not lose his fight with cancer; in fact he triumphed over the difficult illness through his positive attitude and in the way that he lived a meaningful life to the end.  His final years were filled with love, joyful laughter and numerous meaningful moments which brought great happiness and harmony to his family.

He lives on in our hearts and will never be forgotten.


We would love all who knew Jéan Paul (JP) to contribute your memories and stories, and share in building on this condolences page and also his memorial page:

JP would have loved the recounting of the experiences and stories we all have of our times together and it will serve as a long-term memoir for his friends and family to enjoy.

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Mark Nicky Courtney Britney Pitcher

Natasha, ela, Luke, we are so sad and sorry for the loss of JP. Ela and Luke your dad is an amazing person- a legend- he is one of Marks best freinds and colleuages. Part of his TMC legacy will always be with The Moving Company. His signature is still on the job accetpance …

Darryl and McGhee Family

To my best friend & brother,   I have known Jean-Paul from before I could remember. In fact, it is not clear to me as to when we became friends as he has always been there; from an age that bathing together & sleeping in a single bed head to toe was ok. Growing …

Helen Cutler

Dear Tasha, Ela and Luke,  Jean Paul was put on this Earth to shine. His charisma, cheekiness, lust for life, kindness and love for his family was second to none. I am very lucky to have had him as a friend. He is so very much missed.  …

Melissa Moore

I met JP in 2011 and subsequently started working with him, as the years progressed we became good friends and colleagues. JP was the fairest man I knew always staying out of office politics and ensuring there was a constant flow of harmony amongst us all. So much so that when I stormed into …

Simone Percy

If ever there was a testament to a man, you only have to read the messages from every corner of the globe.  We were all blessed to have known you.  Heartfelt condolences from across the miles. …

Steve Lewis

Never has a star shined so brightly than when my dear friend JP was in the room. His infectious smile, a mishchievous twinkle in his eye and a way of making you feel better with the world after spending time with him was his trademark.  He lived his life with passion and adventure and …

Craig Reilly

My Brother, I have found it hard to write this. I just couldn’t find the words to describe the impact you have had on my life over the years. Your smile and heart have touched so many, and I feel privileged to have been able to share a small part of it. Memories are …

Ryan Swan

JP and I met very early in life at primary school. He was an affable and kind person that made friends easily and I knew from the offset we would be life time mates regardless where life took us and which country we settled in. I remember clearly the day my dad tussled with …

Tom Vesperman

JP to a tee “Cheers pal, that’s all I want, peoples positive thoughts and focussing on only the good and funny things that we have all done together. I also just hope that all those who know me and have been keeping in touch over the past 3.5 years have learnt – anything is …

Rolf Lamers

How does one do justice to JP in only 1000 characters? Billy Joel sang “Only the Good die young“. Never has a song been so apt for an individual – ever! JP left us far too soon. Too soon for us to sit down together, have that last beer and reminisce about all of …