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Jean Cragg

Thank you for everything you did to help others in need Jannine. You will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by all. …


Danielle Hitchen

I had only met Jannine on a few occasions but whenever I was greeted by her she was always so welcoming with a huge smile and infectious laugh. Jannine was always wanting to help and support everyone. She was such a kind soul with a big heart. You will be truly missed by all. …

Danielle Hitchen

Anne Troop

It was a honour to have met you, your smile and infectious laughter brightened up each and every day. R.I.P Beautiful Angel Fly High Love From The Troop Family ( and coco ) …


Chrissie Molsom

God has taken yet another Angel. Your laughter and beautiful smile will be missed so much as will you. Stand down gorgeous your shift is done. Now fly high beautiful lady xxx …


Julian Fisk

How I will miss that beautiful beaming smile and cheerful welcome every time we met. You always had the most subtlest of ways to get the best out of everyone. I shall miss hearing just one more job. The world is a poorer place without you in it. Rest in peace sweet lady. …

Julian Fisk

Demi Scott

I’m going to miss seeing your huge smile every time you popped in for a chat before your falls shifts. Nothing was ever too much trouble for you, you were always happy to help. The leadership group won’t be the same without you in it! You will be greatly missed but we will always …


Sophie Wetherall

Nothing I can say will make any of this better. I am still expecting you to walk in the crew room at bishops, making a grand entrance (and probably tripping over the step!) Everyone knew when you had arrived for all the right reasons. From my first shift with you on the falls team, …


Heide Wickes

Janine, you were such an astonishing inspiration to everyone you worked with and cared for.   We’ve all lost an amazing colleague and we send all our sympathy and love to your family and friends. Sadly,  I never had the privilege of being your crewmate on the Falls Team.  I know I’d have  enjoyed …


Nick Hargreaves

Your unexpected tragic loss has hit us all very hard, you have been taken away from us at such a young age.  Jannine, you will always be remembered for your energy, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. Working along side you on the falls team was always a pleasure and it’s hard to think I will …


Ian Haresign

I only met Jannine on a few occasions through my role in CEMS.  However, her smile, wicked sense of humour and joyful personality I will always remember fondly. Whilst on standby (and over a cuppa and slice of cake) I loved hearing about her families travels, in particular holidays in Disney as well as …




Rachel Hay

I only had the pleasure of meeting Jannine in person a handful of times, but my lasting memory of her is standing in the Fundraising door, chatting  and laughing. She was an inspiration to so many people all across the charity and will be sadly missed.  RIP Jannine. …


Tracey Broughton

Dear Jannine I will never forget the first time I attended North Hykeham training just days after passing my Level 2. You sat me next to you at the table and welcomed me to the group. You made me feel part of the team from the minute I entered the room and not forgetting …

Zoe Dean

Jannine, I have struggled to find the right words to add to your remembrance book. You were such a wonderful, kind-hearted person with an infectious smile and a fantastic laugh. I am truly heartbroken for your all your family and loved ones. I hope they will take some comfort knowing what an impact you …

Zoe Dean

Scott Anderson

Hi I only met janine a handful of times in person but I have followed her on Facebook and spoke to her on the falls team and known her as a friend/ sister in LIVES . She was such a bubbly friendly person who always made me laugh. I was devastated to read and …


Jenny Harper

I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Jannine but I feel that I would like to add to the wonderful messages left by her friends and colleagues at LIVES.  In life there are some amazing people who have a desire to care for and support their community with kindness, enthusiasm, dedication and comittment.  The …


Matt Tancred

I was thinking that I didn’t know Jannine that well, having only met at various events, training here and there, and working together at Lincoln a few times. But reading the other messages they are exactly how I remember her, a positive energy that flew around organising, tidying and helping wherever it was needed. …


Hil Gibb

As a new member of the LIVES Board of Trustees, I never had the pleasure of meeting Jannine. I say pleasure because, reading the various messages and hearing people speak about her, Jannine was an extremely sunny and characterful person.  My deepest sympathy go to Jannine’s family, friends and co-workers. It is very clear …


Debi Morris

Dearest Jannine, its hard to write this when the loss of you is still so raw.  We first met on the falls team, you larger than life, all bubbly, huggy, so alive, such a force of life you were. Thats what makes this loss all the less bearable, because the light in you shone …


Sarah Lane

Every knew Jannine. Even if they hadn’t actually met her, they knew her name. She was someone who did so much for LIVES and we are all so grateful. Jannine, thank you for giving so much to LIVES, you really were such a big part of our organisation. You always went above and beyond, …


Dr Simon Topham

Cruel Death – what have you done? Taken the life-light of Jannine away from us all. Those who knew and loved her intimately and those that barely knew her are united in the unfairness of it all. You may take away the living body, Death, but you hold no sway over the love and …


Ian Tomlinson

A quote for all that were lucky enough to have Jannine as part of their lives. A truly wonderful lady. When you are ready make time to listen to ‘Footprints in the Sand’ by Leona Lewis. It’s a beautiful, fitting song for reflection and remembrance of Jannine.    …


Lauren Smith

Jannine was a wonderful lady, who would do anything for anyone. There were many times that I would email or ring Jannine asking for help and she would never hesitate to give me a hand. Jannine was such a happy lady, who would light up the room the moment she walked in. She will …


Nikki Cooke

Jannine was an awesome, smiley, joyous woman. A caring, dedicated, and warm person, full of empathy and compassion for those around her. She was full of fun and life and an absolute joy to be around. She was known and loved by so many of us across LIVES.   Jannine joined LIVES in 2015 …

Nikki Cooke

Rachael Etches