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Ian Findlay CBE

It is with profound sadness we announce the sudden death of our Chief Officer, Ian Findlay CBE, he collapsed and passed away very suddenly on Friday 5 March whilst out on his bike.

Ian was first and foremost a family man and our thoughts are with Ian’s wife Andrea, daughter Lianne, granddaughter Phoebe and the rest of his family at this saddest of times.

Ian was a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. His personal values of responsibility, respect, and care for each other and for our environment were evident to all that had the privilege to know and work with him. Ian will be terribly missed by Paths for All staff, trustees and everyone that came to know him. We are so grateful for his passion, kindness, and personal integrity.

We know there will be many people shocked and deeply saddened by this unexpected news.

Wherever you had the pleasure of knowing Ian from, through work or personal connections, please use this online book of condolence to leave expressions of sympathy and to share memories of Ian.

Thank you

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Anna Mitchell

I think of Ian often. A year on from the saddest of days, I know Ian was a true star gone too soon. When I think of him now, there is an enduring sense of kindness, calmness, consideration and good humour. I can’t think of a more genuine person and his influence to make the world a better place lives on. I’ve learnt from him that understated people can make real change. I still miss Ian and feel truly lucky to have known and worked with him. I have my house music playing in your honour this evening Ian. …

Deborah Fox

Despite the length of time that’s passed since Ian died, it’s still not easy to find the words to do him justice. He was a role model who was modest and kind, and he made everyone feel happy, appreciated and special. He had a wonderful way with people while still being a natural, passionate leader. Like so many others, I wish I could have known and worked with Ian longer than I did, but I am so very grateful for the time I did know him and was able to learn from him. I miss his wisdom, his humour and his calm nature. I miss how he just always said and did the right thing. I miss nodding along and smiling as Ian spoke, and I miss the kindness he always showed to me and everyone around him.  Gone, but always in our thoughts as we continue to work together and build on the inspirational work Ian did to improve people’s lives.     …

Tom Whalley

Ian was the kindest, wisest, and most passionate leader I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He will continue to inspire me, and I only wish I could have known him longer. …

Marion Munro

I can’t believe a year has passed since we lost such a wonderful, gentle, caring man. I still have insufficient words to express my thoughts about Ian. He is sorely missed by so many. I had the priviledge of working with Ian for 9 years and never once in that time did I see him angry. He was always calm, professional and most of all, considerate of other people’s feelings. His passion for his work encouraged those around him to work hard and see people’s lives being changed for the better. Ian was an inspriational leader and a friend to all is colleagues. …

Nicole Bell (Paths for All)

It has been nearly a year since Ian’s passing and I am still not sure of the right form of words to do justice to Ian’s kindness and compassion, as both a leader and a person. Ian’s generosity has touched so many and clearly his kindness manifested in countless forms over the years. Like he did for all new start Paths for All staff members, Ian welcomed me into the organisation on my first week; he generously gave of his time to share so much about the history of the organisation I had now joined – and took the time to find out about my interests and aspirations too. He gave me sage advice, as he did for so many, and which continues to serve me well. I remember reflecting at the time on how generous it was of a Chief Officer to take the time to welcome a junior member of staff, but in getting to know him better, I came to understand that was just the ‘Ian Findlay approach’. Later, on finding out one of our beloved cats (Ori) was undergoing major surgery at The Royal Dick in Edinburgh, I recall receiving an email of comfort from …

Louise Bursle (Paths for All)

Ian truely was one of a kind. I feel so privileged to have worked along beside him, under his leadership and guidance, and had the opportunity to learn from him. Ian taught me how to be a calm, gentle and caring leader. His passion for the cause inspired me every day to show up to work and do a good job because what we do matters and makes a difference – and he does still inspire me to do this. I miss him greatly and if he was here I would thank him for the time and effort he spent giving me confidence, praise, skills and knowledge that helped me develop both professionally and personally. As well as missing his leadership, I miss our chats about Australia, gin, gigs and family. Although gone way too soon, Ian contributed to so many wonderful causes and impacted so many people’s lives – way more than most of us could imagine we could ever do, and for that we are truely grateful. …

Zoe Niven

Ian was and still is an inspiration to me. A gentle leader and a kind man who cared so passionately about his work, his family and his hometown of Comrie. I miss our chats about great bike routes and the best bakery stops! Ian leaves a great legacy, and he is ever present in our thoughts and conversations at Paths for All. …

Suzanne Downey

So sorry to hear about Ian. He was a great leader and was very passionate about nature and his work.    …

Emma Anderson

You are missed. You are thought about. You are remembered. You still make me laugh. You still make me think and your influence is still going. Thank you so much Ian, I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with you. …

Steven Watson

I have fond memories of Ian.  Always focussed and unerringly sincere and with a smile that was never far away, I always though Ian’s way with the world was something I should aspire to.   …
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