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Hazel Hallett

Hazel touched so many of our lives, with a no nonsense attitude but a heart of gold she was truly one of a kind. Hazel was one of the strongest women going, more powerful than even she knew. Please join me in sharing your best memories of her, I know she supported many of us and also made us laugh with her wicked sense of humour – it would be nice to share the impact she had.

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Hazel I can’t believe you have left us, I remember you telling me off a few times but for good reason and after we would then laugh and giggle. I was so happy when you was on one of my training days as we had a good catch up and I was so pleased …

Chloe Finlay

Dean Glenny

Hazel thank you for all the years of fun and laughter. It was a pleasure to know you and work with you all these years. I will always treasure the amazing cards you made for my parents and will miss our chats. Rest easy. Big D xxx …

Chloe Finlay

Nadeem Chughtai

Hazel we went through a lot in T5 to make it the place it is now. We saw the good times and the bad times but we always stayed strong together! You was a solid and respected person. May you rest in peace now and keep an eye on all of us! 😢 …

Chloe Finlay


Hazel, I will always remember and treasure the laughs and heart to hearts that we shared. I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of working alongside you and being able to put into action all the things you tought me. Even in your passing you are still loved and forever will be. …

Chloe Finlay


I will miss the chats, laughs and banter. The best at naming my alcoholic beverages! And I will never forget the ‘salute’. So Hazel, I salute you!! Sleep easy xxx …

Chloe Finlay

Sofia Sultana

Hazel… its still hard to beleive you have left us. You had such a good sense of humour. Made me laugh on the worst of days. It was an honour to have known you. Loads of lovely memories.. R.I.P. xxx …

Chloe Finlay


It was really heart breaking 💔 when I first heard this awful news. Hazel was not only a great manager but a kind human being. She was always a great support to us officers and my go to manager. May God give strength to her family in these difficult times. You will always be …

Chloe Finlay

Richard Harvey

Hazel, a truly wonderful, friendly and helpful woman. During my time as an officer in T5 she was always ready and on hand when ever we needed something. It is so sad that you have left us so soon, you will always be remembered in T5. My condolences to all those you have left …

Chloe Finlay

Amar Mahil

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met you; to have shared laughter and tears in equal measure. Your smile, energy and warmth will live on in the memory of all those that you have touched. Sleep peacefully Hazel x …

Chloe Finlay

Hema Sungha

Hazel, I was absolutely shocked when I first heard the news and I still am. I want to thank you for all your teachings, guidance and support when I first joined the T5 SM team. You made me feel so welcomed and it always calmed my nerves. As time went by, we would always …

Hema S

Hashim Shah

Hazel you were and always will be a star, you made me feel so welcomed in T5 as a new SM. Had some great conversations and guidance while laughing and having fun on the concourse. You will be missed greatly, as I sit here typing this away I am finding it so hard to …

Chloe Finlay


Hazel, when first meeting it took a little while to be comfortable in each other’s company but it didn’t take long to break the ice. I recall many moments of laughter aswell as honesty and I thankyou for your sense of humour and memorable times at work. You are and will be sorely missed …

Chloe Finlay

Ali Rehman

Hi ..what can I say u were really a good person helped me through my journey , really supportive, always on my side looked after my well being at work. It was great working with you and seeing you at work always will be missed.Thank u…will always pray for you.🙏🏽😇💐  .RIP. …

Ali Rehman


Hazel u were one of a kind a true personality and a strong woman , no one could mess with you, You were always there for advice and help,  being my line manager you supported me when ever i needed anything , i loved our one to ones we would just sit and chat …

Chloe Finlay

Loreto Gaeta

Hi Hazel you were such an amazing person with with great sense of humour, we had really good laugh at work I will always remember you sleep tight thanks for all your support   😚 xx condolences to all your family  …

Chloe Finlay

Dav Gill

Reading the comments left by your colleagues and friends, it is clear that what i experienced with you wasn’t just with me but something you shared with us all, and something we all enjoyed, which was your unique sense of humour. When i heard the sad news the first thing i remembered was the …

Chloe Finlay


Hazel , you were always there to talk to, laugh and moan with. We would turn it into laughter in the end 😊. You were a great person that I knew I could depend on ❤️ …

Chloe Finlay


Dearest Hazel (aka Hazy Wazy ) it was our thing 😊and you called me Bally banana. it took a while for me to accept you have gone to a better place 🙏🏼 . Thank you for noticing when I was down, thank you for all  the advice and our funny small talks. I will …

Bally S


Hazel, I remember being slightly scared of you when I first started as an officer due to your straight talking, no time for nonsense attitude, but that fear quickly faded away as we interacted more and I learnt that you just stand strong for what you believe in. That no nonsense, straight talking style …

Chloe Finlay


Hazel, you supported me through so much at Heathrow, not only were you my manager but my friend, I used to love how our 1-2-1’s were a giggle instead of a work thing. I’m glad that you found happiness before all of this happened. You will be truly missed by everyone at Heathrow and …

Chloe Finlay

Wai Yee

Hazel, In the short few years that I had the honour of knowing you, you was a great supportive colleague and a good friend that always looked after me.  You had me in fits of laughter with your sense of humour, gave encouraging advice when i needed it, always had time to listen and …

Chloe Finlay

Julie A

Really hard to believe that you left us. You are one in a million. When it comes to loving people you gave it all and if it’s the other way round, you didn’t hold back. You would fight to any length for those you care about. I will forever hold on to all the …

Chloe Finlay


Hazel, you were truly one of the strongest women I had ever come across. I will miss your direct ways and dirty sense of humour. Rest in peace beautiful lady 🦋  …

Chloe Finlay


I always looked forward to working with Hazel. She always made me laugh with her wicked sense of humour. She gave some of the greatest hugs when I was struggling and would always be there with words of love and encouragement. I will treasure the beautiful artwork you created for me and my family, …

Chloe Finlay


It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone you know. While Hazel and I only saw each other at work, I cherished the times our paths crossed. I will always treasure our little chats over coffee @ Costa and keep your fabulous artworks I’ve collected over the years as memories of you. She was a …

Chloe Finlay

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