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Gavin Miles

Remembering our colleague Gavin, a true gentleman and friend.

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Ian Brown

Gavin was a true gent, a great colleague and a good friend. He left us before I could buy him the beer I owed him, but I’ll buy it for him anyway. I will miss him greatly. My heart goes out to his wonderful family – we lost him too soon. …

Karen Shields

Carl hughes

When I first met Gavin he was a big character but always wanted the best for Arla and his colleagues and friends and family. We worked a lot closer these past 6 years and I can honestly say he will be missed by everyone, and not just because you heard him before you saw …

Karen Shields

Mark Kirkpatrick

I’ve known Gavin for 27 yrs, when I first started in the dairy industry at Ruislip all those years ago, Gavin was the IT Manager and as I was working in Finance at the time, we had plenty of interactions, Gavin was always helpful in sorting out systems issues and supporting the team with …

Karen Shields

Søren Jacobsen

I never worked directly with Gavin, I never had have many years of professional or friendly relations with him.However I had the pleasure of meeting him outside of office hours, in the local bar with other colleagues. I want to share a little story:In preparation for the Annual Winterparty, I had my suit delivered …

Karen Shields

Helen Dargue

I can’t say how many times I “popped” into Gavin’s office to bother him with some sort of IT support-related question, but it was a lot! He was always helpful, genuine, and we had frank and humorous conversations about the state of various commercial systems. He knew how long I’d hoped for an integrated …

Karen Shields

Max Willis

So Sorry to hear the news of Gavin’s Passing. I knew Gavin for over 26 years and worked with him on and off through my entire time with Arla. I met Gavin on my very first day way back in the Express Dairies Era and he was always from that day sharing a positive …

Karen Shields

Jodie Peary

When I returned to Arla after a few years working elsewhere Gavin was one of the big characters I remembered well and was pleased to see still leading from the front with the best interests of his team at heart. Always a gentleman. My deepest sympathies go to his family and friends  …

Karen Shields

Thomas Jorgensen

First of all my condolence goes to all Gavins family here this horrible time. I had the pleasure to work with Gavin for 3 years. Gavin was always there to help and support if needed – he was a great and gentle person. His sense of humour was amazing and he had a special …

Karen Shields

julie Ketteringham

My first real encounter with Gavin was at Hoddesdon around 2011.  Gavin and his team where there managing an IT transition which as with many things did not go a smoothly as hoped.  We bonded over me being one of the few who did not get ‘ tetchy’ with him and his team about …

Karen Shields

Allan Mathiasen

I worked closely with Gavin for several years, actually he was the one hiring me back to Arla in 2011 – where whereafter he was my manager for a 1 year period. Both with him as manager and afterwards, I really enjoyed working with him, it was always done in a professional manner – …

Karen Shields

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