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Gareth 'Ethrakaal' Kingston

IT whizz kid, gamer extraordinaire and the most generous, warm hearted man you will ever have met.

Gareth worked as a Technical Specialist/Senior Systems Engineer and quickly earned a sparkling reputation for being the ‘go-to guy’.

He worked immensely hard to improve his knowledge and skill set, passing a plethora of exams in quick succession.

An excellent gamer across all sorts of genres. He spent many years in World of Warcraft with a Tauren healer called Ethrakaal.

Time in Eve Online, Conan Exiles, Last Oasis and many more.

Madly in to Dragons, this is where he got the Ethrakaal name from too.

Gareth came in to my life in 2007 and made me the happiest woman alive.

He gave me strength and support and was my happy ever after and my rock.

He gave the best bear hugs and was the most loving and affectionate person I have ever met.

We sadly never got our move to the country but I promise to do my best to achieve this at some point in the future.

I will miss you more than you will ever know my darling.

Sleep well, until we meet again.

I love you with all my heart.

xxx xxx xxx

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Will Seymour

Gareth, you were always a friendly voice no matter what I was pestering you for. Your cheerfulness brightened many dull calls, and your help pulled us through many problems. Thanks for everything you did, but more importantly thank you for being the person you were. My heart goes out to your loved ones. RIP …


I dont really know what to say,I’ve been mulling over this for too long so have some bullet points. Eth to me was Such a great friend whom put him self so in to these relation ships you felt like you gained a parent Someone you could rely on He would tell you want …

Andy Marsh

Gareth, You will be truely missed at Vodafone, supporting the many systems and new projects you were asked to work on, always a can do attitude and able to translate spaghetti requirements into a structured deliverable. We did have some fun discussing on teams whilst on calls, with comments such as ” do you …

Sheryl Rogers

I worked with Gareth for about 6-7 years and his knowledge and professionalism shone out.  He was never too busy to help me when asked and was easily able to explain technical stuff simply and clearly (at my level). Working remotely is sometimes difficult in that you don’t always build a rapport – not …

James / blitzy

I was first introduced to Eth through Xobias and Superfraggle’s streams, We got talking in Xobias chat about Conan and he sent me a Discord invite into joining Skywolf’s Discord community. He took me under his wing and made me feel like i belonged here, I was never one for talking in voice chat …

Victoria Kelley

Working with you was a pleasure Gareth! You were always friendly, helpful, a good negotiator, kept me on my toes and made your points very clear! It’s a shock to hear you’ve gone and my thoughts are with your wife and all your family right now. Victoria …


Eth was an amazing man who found time for everybody he cared about, and included them in every opportunity possible. He gave the best hugs, best laughs and the best advice. All I can say is a huge thank you for being my friend, Eth. Hopefully where you are now, the Scotch Eggs are …

Chris Howard - Bell Team Mate

A Memory I have of Gareth which showed me the sort of man he was… We where in London for a rare team night out . While walking between venues, we had a long chat. During the course of it, I mentioned an issue which I had been dealing with in my personal life …


I met Gareth online, when he joined the guild I was in. Ever since, he has been part of every online community I have been part of.He would always be there when I needed a friend, either to make me laugh, or just listen, or simply tell me I was being silly and tell …

Gilgul (Adrian)

Well what can i say really, Eth was an awesome guy who helped out others immensely, he will be sorely missed by me as we always had a good chat and he was always asking about me in private messages of which I was grateful to recieve, I will miss his dulced tones on …