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Gareth 'Ethrakaal' Kingston

IT whizz kid, gamer extraordinaire and the most generous, warm hearted man you will ever have met.

Gareth worked as a Technical Specialist/Senior Systems Engineer and quickly earned a sparkling reputation for being the ‘go-to guy’.

He worked immensely hard to improve his knowledge and skill set, passing a plethora of exams in quick succession.

An excellent gamer across all sorts of genres. He spent many years in World of Warcraft with a Tauren healer called Ethrakaal.

Time in Eve Online, Conan Exiles, Last Oasis and many more.

Madly in to Dragons, this is where he got the Ethrakaal name from too.

Gareth came in to my life in 2007 and made me the happiest woman alive.

He gave me strength and support and was my happy ever after and my rock.

He gave the best bear hugs and was the most loving and affectionate person I have ever met.

We sadly never got our move to the country but I promise to do my best to achieve this at some point in the future.

I will miss you more than you will ever know my darling.

Sleep well, until we meet again.

I love you with all my heart.

xxx xxx xxx

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Jane Wilkinson

Although I didn’t know you as well as I should have, you made my bestie very very happy and for that I will be eternally grateful. My message to you up there on the celestial plain is “run Garath run”, you better beware when Sharon finally joins you, she is on the war path. In the mean time rest peacefully Garath. …

Caroline Baker

Gareth was an amazing man, Kind, caring, compassionate, one hell of a friend And a true gentleman! He loved you Sharon with everything he had He could torment you to the max, that was Gareth It was a pleasure to have met Gareth and also be his friend I will never forget Gareth Kingston for many a reason Rest in peace my lovely friend …


Eth, I never had the pleasure of meeting you or being able to speak to you, however I know how much you meant to everyone in Sky’s discord, your family and friends! I have heard nothing but amazing stories about you and how close you and Sky were too, who I now have the pleasure of being my partner! He spoke so highly of you, I cannot help but smile every time he mentions your name! You seemed to be such a selfless, incredible man who had a massive impact on people’s lives, I am sure you had an amazing personality and could brighten anyone’s day with your presence! I hope you’re resting well now, doing what you loved, gaming! Gone but never forgotten, Sweet Angel    …


R.I.P Gareth I never met you/and or spoke to you but have heard many things within the few months of being in Sky’s discord. Rest peacefully forever buddy. …

Alex (SirAlexFrost)

Still, I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t know Eth for very long at all, but for the time I did know him, it was an absolute honour. He was and still is one of a kind. I will never forget him. …

Josey Howarth

Words are something that still fail me.  Your laughter, your jokes, your support, and your willingness to share is something that will be greatly missed.  I’ll miss our “massive arguments” as counsellors. I’ll treasure our discussions about dioramas and trains. I’ll miss arguing over whose wife is whose.  I’ll just miss… you.  You will never, ever, be far from my thoughts. And I’ll be sure to mess around and fix many servers in your name.  …


I have known Gareth since feb 2019 when I first started working at Bell. It was an aboluste pleasure alongside a great engineer and person. He was always there to support no matter what time of the day or night it is. I will always miss our banter on and off the call and regular visit to your favourite cafe at park royal. RIP Gareth …

Dilip Tailor

Gareth A true friend and A Fantastic Work colleague you will be truly missed. I remember when I first started some three years ago Gareth was the first person to greet me and said we are here for you if you need help advise I am here for you and instantly made me feel more relaxed and at that moment I knew I was going to fit in with the team nicely. Gareth in the time I have known you, I have learnt so much from you and know I have confident in my abilities to do my job to the standards you had set, and I thank you. I will miss your banter and all the laughs we had. REST IN PEACE BUDDY. …

Paul Munson

Gareth, I’d only known you for 7 years, nowhere near enough. As your friend, colleague and manager either directly or indirectly over that time I was fortunate enough to get to know you quite well although, as it turns out, not as well as I would have liked. A warm and friendly guy liked by all your colleagues and customers alike, I always had a chuckle when you’d come to me and say ‘can I speak honestly’, for that was the virtue I held in highest regard. I’ll miss those chats and you will be sorely missed by everyone.  …

Becky (Mama Bear)

Eth truly was one of a kind. Gentle, warm, incredibly selfless. He lit up every voice call, every chat. I remember all of our talks very fondly, he always had a kind word to say and we would be laughing almost all the time!  I’m very blessed to have spent so much time with him, and he will be greatly missed. But he has left a huge legacy and he has touched many lives, helped many people. I would like to say thank you to him, he really was an amazing guy.  Rest well, lovely. Sending squishy bear hugs to you and your family.  …