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Fr Stan Dye MAfr

Born 16th May 1953 in Sunderland

Died 6th December 2020 in Rhyl, North Wales

Ordained 18th July 1987 in Sunderland

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Sarah Broscombe

You never forget the person who accompanies you through the 30 days. Stan, to me, was an embodiment of grace. He was a truly merciful person. He saw people with such a presupposition of their gorgeous createdness, that it helps a person see their own glory too. I’m not sure Stan really looked with …

Missionaries of Africa

Judy Dixey

What a lovely man and priest.  He will be so much missed. I gave him a hug on the day I left St Beuno’s in early March, and then panicked that I might have infected him with this new infection which we were just learning about. He had been so kind to me, during …

Missionaries of Africa

Terry Madden M.Afr.

Dear Stan, Your fidelity to our compassionate and ever-present God has always been a model for me and for many of your confreres across the world. We know how disappointed you were that you could not return to Africa; it was another of your many sufferings. But you did not abandon hope in God …

Missionaries of Africa

Paul and Anne Wawszczyk

Paul, my husband, and I had encountered Stan around St Beuno’s many times before I had the privilege of having him as a spiritual director. I found in him a genuine and constantly encouraging “presence”. I learned so much from him and I feel very humbled by this. It has been a real privilege …

Anne Wawszczyk

Gemma Simmonds

Stan was a truly outstanding priest, friend and colleague.  Over many years working alongside him as a visiting director at St. Beuno’s I learned hugely to value his calm good sense, his humour, humility and extraordinary courage.  He was a shrewd and compassionate supervisor from whom I learned a great deal.  He had a …

Missionaries of Africa


Praying especially today when the White Fathers and family of Fr Stan will gather together for his Requiem. Remembering too the community of St Beuno’s who will deeply mourn such a gifted priest and courageous caring friend. Stan was a compassionate and gentle confessor. His celebration of Mass was always a grace filled encounter. …

Missionaries of Africa

Jo Siedlecka

Fr Stan was my spiritual director on the first retreat I did at St Bueno’s a couple of years ago. I loved him. He was so kind, patient, understanding and had a great sense of humour.  I was so sorry to hear that he had died. But I am sure he will be continuing …

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Janet Hopper

As so many my memories of Fr. Stan are centred around St. Beuno’s. From his homilies to moments where I spoke to him personally he gentleness, care, patience and good humour have helped so much on my journey.  I pray with you all in gratitude for his life and with all those who will …

Missionaries of Africa

Allison Dye

I am Stan’s sister Allison. On behalf of my sister Joyce and myself can I say how much of a comfort it has been over this past week to read all of the lovely messages about our wonderful brother Stan. It has helped a lot to know he has touched so many lives. We …

Allison Dye

Mark and Pauline Wiggin

We give thanks for the life of Fr Stan, a friend who dedicated his entire life to the service of others and lived out his vocation despite the personal pain he suffered throughout most of hsi adult life. Stan was a very determined person with a great sense of justice blended with compassion and …

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Moira McDowall

I remember Stan as a profoundly humble and compassionate man, always very down-to-earth. I’ll miss him when I next go to St Beuno’s and I’m sure he’ll be greatly missed by all who knew him there. May he rest in peace. …

Missionaries of Africa

Linne Omissi

Stan was one of the sweetest kindest people I have ever met. I was lucky enough to have him as my director at one retreat at St Beuno’s, and he left me feeling like I was his special friend. I am sure everyone Stan knew felt like a “special friend”, that was one of …

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Sian Ap Dewi

Stan was a wonderfully warm and compassionate human being. He was an encourager, always ready to affirm a person’s gift even when the person struggled to identify it for themselves. He loved people and was an insightful and wise colleague. I really enjoyed working with him, and always felt better after spending time in …

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The first time I went to St Beuno’s, the first person I met was Stan, who showed me to my room & teased me that I must be in need of extra grace as I was allocated a room by the Chapel. In subsequent visits, I was never fortunate enough to have him as …

Missionaries of Africa

Bernadette Purcell pbvm

Sympathy to the Dye Family, St. Beunos Community, the MAfr Community on the death of dear Stan. I had Stan for the Exercises some years ago. He was gentle, compassionate, full of good humour and insightful. I have wonderful memories of my time in Beunos and of Stan’s kindness and care. May all your …

Bernadette Purcell

The Rev. Mary Ellen Dolan

I have made several long retreats at St. Beuno’s and had witnessed Stan’s gracious and prayerful witness, but this past year I was blessed that he accompanied me for my annual silent retreat, and I personally experienced his humility, welcome, understanding and prayer. It was a holy time and I will be ever thankful. …

Missionaries of Africa

Denise McDermott

Please accept my humble prayers for all who grieve the loss of Fr. Stan, I only met him in the last number of years in St Beuno’s and like most kindly people he was totally unaware of the everlasting effect he had on my life and the ripple effect that that has on all …

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Fredrik Hoggren

Father Stan was literally the first person I met when arriving at StBeunos last year, as he opened the door when I, somewhat confused as first timers are, was trying to find my way. ‘Please, have a coffee ‘ he said, a minute into our acquaintance as he followed me in the coridor. Exactly …

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Rose Krzyz

I was privileged to have Fr Stan lead my first two individually guided retreats in St Bueno. His unassuming yet wise words over those two occasions helped me in ways I never expected or dared hope. It was a pleasure to see him around when I went to subsequent Friends retreats. He was compassionate …

Missionaries of Africa

Tim McEvoy (St Beuno's)

Stan was one of ‘the greats’. Such a good, down-to-earth and holy man – though he would have been the last to think it. He touched so many people’s lives and showed them the gentleness, compassion and humour of God. I remember with great affection his kindness to me on countless occasions during my …

Missionaries of Africa