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Edwin Lucas


Dierbaren verlies je niet,

ze leven voort in je verdriet,

en de liefde die je hebt gekend,

wordt voor altijd deel van wie je bent.

Voor Edwin Lucas van ons.



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For the longest I knew I had to write something in your book, I just couldn’t. Today I have to let you know how much I miss you.  Every second, minute and day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to call you my friend. Until we meet again.   Your Friend………..   …


Annie Harilall

Condolencia na henter famia di Meneer Lucas 💕 He was a wonderful kind-hearted teacher. Pushed all of his students to be the best and motivated them forever. Thank You meneer Lucas, for all the good memories. You Will be for eternity missed 💙  …


Gina de Kort

Condolencia na full e famia di Lucas; e famia di cas y di scol. Ami lo corda Edwin como un hende cu un curazon grandi pa e muchanan. Cu Edwin sosega na paz y cu Dios duna tur esnan cu a keda tristo atras, consuelo y resignacion⚘.  …


Joanne solognier

Mii Meneer Stimaa Dios Twt Tin Mester Un Angel❤ Drumii Dushii Den brasa Di señor Mi Keda Corda Bo semper y Tin Bo Semper Den Mi Curason❤ R.I.P🕇😇 Condolenciaa Na Tur e Juff Nan y Na Tur e Alumno Nan y Ex Alumno nan Hopi Hopi Forsa🤗❤     …

Joanne solo

Senaida Vries

Dear Family Lucas , Accept my deepeest condoleance for the löss of you all  brother /uncle Edwin, To his children for the löss of a great father. We grow up as good friends and whent to Pieterboer school. Edwin will always be rememberd and in our hearts. May his soul rest in peace 🙏🏽 …



Lieve Lucas, We leerden elkaar kennen in onze studententijd in Nederland; ik kwam op bezoek bij Janella en jij was haar huisgenoot. Dat was de start van onze vriendschap… lang leve de lol 😄, nu al 30 jaar geleden. Een paar maanden later was ik klaar met mijn studie en ging ik terug naar …


Patrick & Stephanie, Zadyrienne, Giandrick, Yezianny Lopez

Meneer Lucas, semper un meneer hopi alegre cla pa juda tur mucha y mayornan. Asina ki nos ta corda meneer Lucas cu un smile semper na su cara cu ta straal alegria. Danki pa a yuda cu e begeleidingnan di lesa, rekenen y taal. Nos lo recordabo semper, un bunita persona di paden y …


Elizabeth Craigg (collega v. CPBS

My heartfelt condolences to the entire family and the close friends and colleagues of Edwin. May you find comfort in the nice momories with him, his smile, his jokes etc. May Edwin rest in peace. From his colleague from Commandeur PieterBoer basis. Elizabeth (Liza) Craigg …


Caluda Poulina

Our heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May you rest in peace, dear colleague. …


Sebastian Londoño

Mi ta corda Mr. Lucas tempo mi tawata mucha chikito. E semper tawata hasi joke y e semper tawata laga su alumnonan hari. E semper tawatin un smile riba su cara y si abo tawata down el lo zorg pabo tambe smile di biaha. Mi ta ofrece condolencia na famia di Mr. Lucas den …

Sebastian Londono


Meneer Lucas semper a sa di motivami pushami pa sigui dilanti un meneer cu a entrega su mes su tempo su curazon na su trabao meneer Lucas a sa di stima su alumnonan semper kla pa nan! Un di su palabra nn cu semper ela bisami  twt “Semper kere den bo mes, Bo Por”  …


Edith Geerman

Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but the human eyes know how beautiful it is.  Likewise, you don’t know how good you are, but others can see that you are special…. Lucas, je was niet zomaar iemand. Nee, je was Edwin Aulario Lucas! My partner, my great supporter & motivator. My data …


Joamy Henriques

Meester Edwin it was a great pleasure working with you as IB’er. Always laughing and always with a story. May you rest in peace. …


Mirella Wijngaarden

Condolencia na su yuinan y su famia. Un maestro ejemplar y un meneer cu a dedica su mes na nos muchanan. Nada no a strobe pa sigui cu su lucha, hari cu su bunita smile y traha cu hopi amor pa educa nos muchanan. I feel honored to have met you. You will be …


Benjamin Winterdal

Lucas, I’ve known you since long ago. Everytime we meet it was pleasant. You were always smiling and laughing and this is how i will remember you. …


Jahmyll and Jahrell Faneyte

Masha Danki Mr pa Tur cos y pa tur e tempo y amor cubo a brinda mi yuinan! Bo a hasi un impacto den nan bida y semper lo recordabo! Condolencia pa Famia y hopi Forsa …


Belinda Joseph

Nelson Henderson once said “The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” And Meneer Lucas planted so many trees in the life of the students who were lucky to have known him including myself. Meneer Lucas always believed in us and motivated us to …


Carlyle Browne

Dear Cuz, Though our contact was limited, the few times we spoke was as if we were never far apart. The continued cheerfulness in your voice always brightened up our days and will continue to do so everytime we remember you. Rest now my cousin. Time has come to share some of that cheerfulness …


Nafisa Underwood

Meneer Lucas wrote me a few words as a parting gift after graduating C.H.A and i would like to share this: “The days are coming closer. The words are getting harder. I will not say goodbye. I will say so long, see you soon and hope deep in my heart that we meet again”  …

Nafisa Underwood

Monique Coronel en familie

Mi mas profundo Condolencia na jiunan, rumannan y tur famia y conocirnan, muy en especial su colegansn di Colegio Hilario Angela. Mi ta desea boso tur hopi Forsa cu Dios Todopoderoso yuda boso cu e dolor inmenso aki. Mi a comparti un anja trahando cu Mr.Lucas na Colegio Hilario Angela . Un persona dedica …


Bettina Cabenda

Meneer Lucas, you were always an inspiration to me and others. Just the fact that despite your challenges and limitations you were able to put on a bright face day after day and do your work to the best of your ability, was pretty amazing. What I am gonna miss most is your love …



Wat was mr. Lucas een mooi mens. Zeer dankbaar hem gekend te hebben. Samen hebben we een aantal mooie jaren mogen samenwerken op Colegio Hilario Angela. Veel sterkte voor iedereen die mr. Lucas lief heeft gehad.   …


Jacqueline Woodley

Working with children was your delight. Working with others who worked with children was a drive to be excellent in what you do. We share a nephew that we are both fond and proud of. Having fun and enjoying family is our inner joy and secret.Being understood to give the best to and for …


Seth and Lysah Martijn

Condolencia y hopi forsa pa famia nan conocirnan y coleganan. Untill we meet again.  …



Ma conoce Mr Lucas tempi hilario angela. Ora e twt pasa tempo cu nos, nos semper twt gosa den un manera sano. Personalmente mi twt sa papia cu ne na skol enzo ora mi twt tope. Un persona hopi great cu semper twt pone e mucha nn mane prioridad. Legend. …


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