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Dr Roderick Guy Jackson

This book is a memorial book for Guy Jackson and we welcome everyone’s reflections and memories. You can add photos and videos if you wish. We will use the book to collect stories for his memorial party, as he wanted a big party in his honour. 
Roderick ‘Guy’ Jackson, a Consultant Anaesthetist at Newham University Hospital died peacefully on Friday September 10th, 2021. He was 57 years old. 
Guy grew up as an only child in Folkestone where his father had been a breast surgeon. He was an undergraduate at King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry, qualifying in 1990. His Anaesthetic training started in Brighton followed by the Royal London Hospital and associated placements. During his registrar years he worked towards a PhD on the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury with his supervisor Jon Stamford, in the academic ‘Anaesthetic Unit’ led by Professor Leo Strunin, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. 
Whilst attempting to complete his research after the closure of the Anaesthetic Unit mid-PhD, Guy would regularly anaesthetise for Professor Richardson’s neurosurgery list. Professor Richardson certainly respected Guy’s skills, especially his use of ‘total intravenous’ techniques, which are common today but not so much then. Guy subsequently became a Consultant Anaesthetist at Newham. There he helped to shape the Gateway site into the slick ‘BHOC’ that we see today. Latterly, whilst he was unable to carry out clinical duties, Guy joined the NatSIPPs team and developed a passion for patient safety work. 
Guy enjoyed living in his flat in Stratford and his neighbours and caretakers kept an eye on him and made sure he was OK. He visited his family home in Folkestone at weekends until his parents died. 
It would be fair to say that none of us knew Guy very well until the last few years, when his long-standing health issues became more obvious, and he reached out for help. He made new friends amongst his colleagues and with members of the BDDG ( and gained support from the PHP ( With his health issues came other related problems as well as the death of both parents, which preyed on him catastrophically. Guy had no surviving family and was a very private person, but he was kind, generous and sociable when the opportunity arose. He somehow slipped through the net of support which should be available to all doctors. However, we did learn, somewhat late, that he loved heavy rock, grand prix racing and good food! It is with sad irony therefore that one of his last wishes was that the Royal London Anaesthetic department should have a party in his honour after his death, and that he would leave all of his estate to the Barts Charity, to support patient safety ventures.  
He died peacefully on 13C ward at the Royal London, with his colleague friends at his side and the HCA who had gained his respect during several lengthy stays, remaining behind after her shift to be with him until the end.
Rest in peace Guy. 

We welcome everyone who knew him to share their stories. 

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