In Loving Memory of

Mrs D Davies Class Teacher

Dominique Davies

How lucky are we, to have loved someone so much, that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Dominique Davies was an angel who walked the earth.

A precious daughter and sister, cherished wife and deeply loved mother, adored by all.

As a teacher she encouraged minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love.

Her heart was so big that it carried us all with her.

Always ready with a smile, a hug and the most fun sense of humour!

The effect she has had on our lives is almost immeasurable and we have been truly blessed to have known her.

Her sparkle will continue to light our lives forever.

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Matt Johnson

I’ve been thinking about Dom a lot lately. She was one of the best mentors I’ve ever had, both professionally and in life. When I trained to be a teacher, Dom was someone who inspired me, someone I looked up to, respected and who I trusted in all situations. Wise. Cunning, witty, dry, incredibly …

Julie Johnson

Dear kind, caring, fun, indomitable Dom….you turned ordinary days into joy filled occasions.  You brought us sunshine, even when it was grey outside.  Your knowledge and understanding of the children you taught enabled you to find a way to reach each and every one of them, wherever they were on their learning journey. Your …

Katie Cheshire

“Some people touch your lives for a brief moment but leave an imprint for a lifetime”.   For me this quote sums up Dominique to a tee. I didn’t know her closely, but she always treated me as I imagine she would any good friend. Dom truly was love and kindness and as a …


Mrs Davies was a lovely teacher. I miss her so much she would always say my hair was nice she would always say she wished she had hair like mine. She also said she liked the way I wore odd socks. When I heard that she had passed away I was so sad and …

The Keane Family

We will be forever grateful to Mrs Davies for always filling our daughters time in Beech Class with so much love and happiness. Aoibheann absolutely adored you and talked non-stop about her learning with you. She loved nothing more than to regale us with the creative plans you had for the topic ahead. You filled …

Natalie Rogers

Dominique was a wonderful lady who filled this world with love, light and laughter. Over the past two years she had become a true friend, as well as my colleague.   Dom had a lasting impact on me from the first day I met her. When I attended St Paul’s school for interview. She …

The Wolfendale Family

Mrs Davies you have always brought so much positivity and enriched the lives of all who knew you. We were so incredibly lucky to have you teach both of our girls Matilda and Florence. They were always enthusiastic about learning with you because you always put so much fun and sparkle into learning. I …

Lorraine, John and Jack

Dom, from the time we met when our kids started in reception you stood out. Every day in the playground you appeared with a warm smile, a friendly voice and a great sense of humour. You were a kind, thoughtful, caring and supportive friend throughout all those years. It was truly a privilege to …

Ali and Joseph Cliff

We only knew Mrs Davies since July ’21 when we first met ahead of our move to Poynton. We were so nervous about Joseph settling into a new school but as soon as we met Mrs Davies she started working her magic. Her personal touch with sending a welcome video and making Joseph feel …

Vicky, Mig,Ava, Carmen and Seb

To Dom, what a beautiful, wonderful, happy and amazing lady..nothing was ever too much for you, I treasured our friendship and the time we spent together as the girls grew up and with our babies Seb and Luca. Dom you touched so many hearts and will never ever be forgotten. You will always have …
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