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David Sprigg

Stagecoach Theatre Arts would like to fondly remember David Sprigg the Joint Founder of Stagecoach Theatre Arts who was a man with vast ability in business combined with a creative and wide-reaching vision.  These talents were the foundation of the success of Stagecoach.

All David needed to unleash his huge ability was ‘a good idea’. He always knew what to do in all situations and anything he didn’t know he soon found out!

Nothing was ever too small or insignificant to engage his full attention.  He was always accessible, his door was always open and his ear always tuned in and ready to listen.
David was hugely respected by everyone; Head office staff, franchisees, teachers, parents, students, suppliers and competitors.  Although he was keen to build a profitable business, David wasn’t all about money.  When plans were afoot to create experiences for students he was always up for it with enthusiasm. 

We are sure many of you will carry fond memories of David with gratitude for all that he was and the opportunities he gave to so many people.

Our thoughts are with David’s wife Dee and all his family at this sad time.
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Ian Billings

What a kind, thoughtful and wise man. I met David around 1995 before opening Stagecoach Wolverhampton then Stafford then Telford. He was always so calm and considered and receptive to some of my more outlandish ideas and suggestions. He taught me to retain an objective view of business without losing individual humanity. Like a …


I have only just received the news.  David was an amazing man. Without his guidance and support in my early years, my life would have been vastly different than it is now.  There are a handful of people that I can truly thank for where I am today and David was one of the …

Katie Cole

I first met David at Principal Training in 2009.  He was a true gentleman and such an expert in all he taught.  He was at the core of the true meaning of Stagecoach and I hope we continue to make him proud every day with our franchises.  Thinking of his family at this difficult …

Carol and Dave Gwilliams

David was a key person in both of our lives. Along with Steph, he supported Dave in getting back to work following his leg amputation. This enabled Dave to have some much needed self-worth and have a purpose again. Through Fleur he found out that I was getting my book-keeping qualifications and as Stagecoach …

Jennifer Pando

Dearest David, You were a true gentleman.  I thank you for all your help and encouragement in building my schools. Nothing was ever too much trouble.  You made me feel safe under your guidance, expertise and calming nature.   You had a wonderful sense of humour, and I always looked forward very much to …

Lynda Martin

I was proud to have been David’s P.A. at Stagecoach Head Office and, whilst sharing an office with him, got to know him very well.   He was inspirational, innovative, level-headed and always a gentleman.  We laughed a lot and his clear thinking made it a pleasure to work with him.   His strengths, among many, …

Nicola Anderson

I have such fond memories of David and my amazing time at Stagecoach which Steph and David really made to feel like a family. David always had time for help and advice in whatever capacity and somehow always found a sensible answer and solution to most questions and problems however tricky. For many of …

Jo Wilkins

David had a big personality and always took the time to chat and engage with the staff at Head Office and the franchisees. What a legacy he has left and it is wonderful to think of how many children have passed through the Stagecoach schools and got the chance to dance, sing and act. …

Warren Webley

This is how I will remember David.  I first met David and Steph in 1993 when I came down from Liverpool to MD Easy Stages, I never returned!  David was an amazing boss and friend who always made time for me.  He encouraged and inspired me in so many ways, thank you for believing in …

Stephanie Manuel

Meeting David Edward McDonald Sprigg in 1987 completely changed my life and made all my dreams come true. I was the luckiest person alive and will be forever grateful to God, Fate, and most especially, to David, for the thrilling and successful journey we embarked upon together. We had such FUN growing our fledgling …
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