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David Shaw

In preparing David’s eulogy we soon realised there he had more stories, friends and memories than we could every hope to cover in a single ceremony. So please help us rembember Dad with any memories or messages of condolence that you have. Many thanks for sharing with us.

Best wishes,

David’s family.

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Tom Leimdorfer

David was a much valued member of North Somersset Green Party for many years. He was committed to making a difference and contributed several thought provoking radical ideas. Some of these were in tune with our local campaigns, others were well beyond the scope of our local party. He was unfailingly polite, friendly and supportive with a sense of humour we all appreciated. We recognised the breadth of experience he brought with and his  ever active inquiring mind. He was a lovely man and we will miss him. …

Paul Murphy

Sad to hear about Dave’s death. I was always found him happy and charming company.  I sailed with him a number of times in his 505, by then he was not the most athletic helm, but it was always fun. We did a couple of Pill races together, I was always glad to join him on these longer races and enjoy a more convivial race. Ingrid and I will miss seeing him.       …

Rose (daughter of Cliff Beames)

To David’s family… I was so sorry to hear of your father, & grandad’s, passing. David was a friend to my dad at “Woodcutters for Wildlife” for many years. I saw his kind nature shine through when my father was ill and nearing the end of his life. I will always remember your dad sitting on my dad’s sofa making us laugh… such a great character. He also offered to take my dad out in the car although this, in the end, wasn’t possible as my dad was too unwell.  What a beautiful “send off” you gave him. The music, the words and the eulogy were heartfelt and moving. Thank you for allowing access to the link so we could honour your dad from afar. My condolences to you all. …

Mike Chorlton

I will always remember David for all the help that he selflessly gave to PYSC.  When I joined the sailing club 20 years ago, it seemed to me that he was always there.  I barely saw him in a boat, though.  He was usually to be found in the OOD hut, working his magic, or teaching others how to be Race Officer.  Basically, he was often giving up his time to enable others to enjoy sailing as he had done so often in the past.  Help like that cemented my place in the club and I’m sure that applied to plenty of others who have every reason to be grateful for the support he gave.  I don’t actually know if he was a good sailor, but he was a good man who filled his life and those around him with positive energy.  I offer my condolences, but hope that you feel you can celebrate the life that he had as much mourn his loss.  Kind regards, Mike. …

Richard Vernon

I will always remember the David as the inventor of practical solutions – who cast a new ridge tile in concrete when one was blown off by the wind (I think he probably installed it too!). Who manufactured a new frying pan handle from a piece of 22mm copper pipe. Who attached a cable to the back door, routed it  through the door frame, over a couple of pulleys terminating in an old boot filled with concrete in the adjacent garage – all as a means to close the door. There are many others, I simply loved all of these and they inspired me to a few works of my own. Thanks David.   Love to all, Richard Vernon …

Colin and Christine Jarvis

We have happy memories of Dave and his family sailing at Portishead, remembering his Wayfarer, when he sailed to Porlock and back and later his ventures with the 505. Thinking about you all and our love Colin and Christine Jarvis …