In Loving Memory of


Colin Olden

With fair winds and calm seas behind him Colin made his final journey on November 23rd with his loved ones by his side.

Colin was a wonderful husband of 54 years, dad,  grandad, father in law, but also a friend, mentor, teacher, engineer and boat builder who dedicated his life to maritime safety with both the lifeboat and coastguard.

May the pages of this book be filled with love, memories, photos and anecdotes as we reminisce of our time together and honor his passion, dedication and kindness. 

Eternal Father, Lord of hosts,
Watch o’er the men who guard our coasts.
Protect them from the raging seas
And give them light and life and peace.
Grant them from thy great throne above
The shield and shelter of thy love.

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Philip Spence

Colin was an inspirational mentor, and taught me that there’s a correct way to do things, if not, it’s wrong. Also I was lucky that he trusted me enough to be his deckhand on the river tour boat. I was always terrified of making a mistake because he taught us better and I never …

Ken & Joan Pink

Colin was a good friend, respected colleague and mentor over very many years. both at Hamble Lifeboat and as a member of Hill Head Coastguard Rescue Team.    He was the best Coxswain I ever served with, his blind navigation was legendry, he could find his way even in the thickest of fog.  He …

Simon Dennis

I only knew Colin for a short time compared to many, having moved to Hamble and approached the lifeboat to join, as I had been on lifeboats elsewhere. Colin was a great teacher, an incredibly skilled coxswain, and a fascinating engineer to watch and occaisionally pass a spanner to! On the water and ashore …

Steve Emery

Colin and I met as ORA’s at Solent MRSC in the early ’90’s. Those positions came to an end, but before we parted, I asked whether I could have a trip out on Hamble Lifeboat. He agreed, and after a day with the lifeboat crew Colin invited me to join. Colin had built one …

Brian Taylor

My memories and knowledge of Colin stem from my time working in the nice warm ops room at Lee on the Solent. His work with Hamble Lifeboat and the Hillhead Team earnt him justified respect. Always available and willing to turn out, I often felt guilty sending him and his colleagues out into the …

Wendy, Ken and Family

Dear Brother-in-Law and Uncle – Colin.  Lots of fond and cherished memories of a kind and helpful person.  You were always there to listen to me and offer your advice.  You will be sadly missed by all of us.  Rest in peace. xxxxxx No more Smarties xxxxxx …

James Godwin

I remember the day I met Colin in 1996 as a teenager asking if i could join the Lifeboat for 6 months. He was working on the jets on the back of a shiny new boat, in his (now famous) blue overalls, with his Breton cap on. It was a good day. And I …

Karen Bosman

A legend in his lifetime, now serving in Heaven. They broke the mold after making Colin. An inspiration to everyone whose lives he touched. Rest well Colin, you have completed your task on earth and will be sadly missed.  …

Ted and Chris Parr

Our dear brother-in-law Colin, Lovely memories of a wonderful Person who will be sadly missed.  Rest in peace. xxxxxxxxxxxx …

Looby Lou

A true legend in the world of SAR who I always held a lot of respect for. Many laughs come to mind, most caused by a well delivered line at just the right moment. A real character who will never be forgotten R.I.P you wonderful man x …