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Chris Holland

Chris, our much loved colleague, has sadly passed away. 

With over 28 years at Mercer, Chris’ contributions to our business and our people have been immeasurable.  And although Chris had many professional accomplishments and was very committed to his work, his greatest commitment was to his wife Lindsey and their son, Thomas.   

We all have memories of Chris, so please share your sentiments and stories about who Chris was, as a colleague and friend.  Your thoughts will be particularly valuable to Lindsey, Thomas and Chris’ family, as well as to all his working colleagues.  

As many know, Chris and Thomas were avid sailors and Chris would often tell of their sailing trips in Cornwall.  In honour of this, Lindsey & Thomas have asked, in lieu of flowers, for any donations to be made to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI), mentioning Chris Holland of Portscatho & St Mawes Sailing Club and the Falmouth RNLI Station which he supported.  Here is a link: 

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Richard Clarke

I first started working with Chris when he was in the Sedgwick finance department, in Witham, and we continued to work together, off and on, for the next thirty years.  He was a great colleague and friend to me, always good company and a calm and wise counsel.  He was dedicated to Mercer and …

Erdinch and Ayshen Buhara

Today, we were very shocked and upset to hear Chris’s passing. I joined Mercer finance team in 2001 and was not long before I met Chris. He was a great friend and collegue for many years.  “Old Chap” I will miss you and I will always rememeber your friendship and generousity during my time …

Martine Ferland

My heart goes out to Lindsey, Thomas and the rest of Chris’ family.  May you find some comfort in knowing how much Chris was respected, admired and loved.  Lindsey, you have impressed us all with your strength and courage.  Thomas, we all feel like we know you a little through your father.  He was …

David Anderson

“Hiya!” In my mind I can still hear Chris saying this as he did at the start of all our meetings. Like many of us, I am finding it really difficult to believe he is no longer with us. It’s taken me some time to find the ‘right’ words to honour Chris and to …

Claire Ross

So sad that Chris has left us, as I remember worked with him for the last 12 years I think….. what a Professional and what a lot of laughs. Meetings were all the better for him being present, he started with a tale and laughter would ensue, he had the ability to made the …

Nat Dewhurst

Oh Chris! I will never forget when I was on crutches for what seemed like forever and after us having spent the day in a training session, you absolutely would not have it any other way than putting me in a cab. You thought I was bat crazy for even thinking of taking the …

Robert Potter

I was very shocked and saddened by Chris’s passing.  We were and good friends and colleagues for many years and had fun times playing golf and in the pub.  I can’t believe it was over 17 years ago that we were at your wedding (we were on time) and the stag do was particularly …

Peter Clare

I joined the Mercer finance team in 1989 (Noble Lowndes at that time). It wasn’t long before I got to hear about a new rising star called Chris Holland who had joined the finance team in Witham and was about to embark on his brilliant career progression. Chris was very driven, very bright and …

Dean Thomas

I am so sad to think Chris has left us – we had known each other for 22 years and in various roles …I think 4 times in total …Chris was my direct manager .What a Man – honest , funny , loyal and supportive . What great times we had over the years …

Pearly Siffel

Chris was an incredible colleague. He offered a world of knowledge in a selfless way. He helped our firm, our teams and us individually. There were special times when Chris face changed and the calm, numbers-filled mind was suddenly replaced by a cheerful warm heart: when Chris talked about his family (yes you Lindsey …
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