In Loving Memory of


Carrie Adelman

Carrie is an inspiring light for all of the friends and colleagues who had the privilege of working with her at AstraZeneca.

Her passion for translational science and her selfless dedication to the development of new medicines shone brightly. In over 50 countries around the world men with prostate cancer have access to a new medicine, Olaparib, as a direct result of Carrie’s outstanding scientific drive and intellect.

An enduring legacy has been created by Carrie through her brilliance in science and in her kindness in advising colleagues. Through this legacy Carrie will continue to impact the lives of cancer patients for many years to come.

– Liz Harrington

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Helen Angell

I must admit that it has taken me some weeks to write this. In all honesty I just miss my friend. I’m sure many will describe Carrie as a brilliant and dedicated scientist, which she absolutely was. In these past years it has been hard to watch Carrie need to put that brilliant mind …

Anne L'Hernault

Dear Evan and Ondine, I was incredibly sad to hear of Carrie’s passing. Carrie was a wonderful scientist, smart, passionate, driven, but beyond this she was also an amazing human being! When I met her in 2016, she immediately welcomed me in the team and provided so many great advice. We also had numerous …

Natasha Lukashchuk

Dear Evan/Ondine and all of Carrie’s family, I am so sorry for your loss, and there is probably nothing one can say to alleviate your pain. I hope reading about how much Carrie was praised and admired by her colleagues brings you some comfort. I have worked with Carrie closely particularly in the last …

Eli Leo

Carrie was a wonderful person, full of life, energy and passion. I always very much admired her attitude towards any scientific question, the way her mind worked and how she was able to express complex scientific topics with great clarity. She was a very talented scientist and had a very positive way to interact …

Karen Dunlop

I was very sorry to hear of Carrie’s loss. I had the pleasure of working with Carrie on the Profound submission for prostate cancer. Carrie had amazing knowledge of all the different genes and was a brilliant and inspiring scientist. Her work helped lead to olaparib being approved globally for men with metastatic prostate …

Juliann Chmielecki

I was so sorry to hear about Carrie’s passing. We were both Weill Cornell alums and then ended up in the same group at AstraZeneca. Carrie was a wonderful colleague and brilliant scientist. I will always remember her kind nature, warm smile, and sense of humor. Her legacy will live on through the many patients …

Maurizio Scaltriti

I met Carrie soon after starting at AZ at the end of 2020. I immediately thought she was a talented, prepared and committed investigator. Sharp, but soft-spoken, passionate for her job and a quintessential team player. Liz’s team has many gems, and she certainly was one of them. My sincere condolescences to her family …

Iwanka Kozarewa

Dear Carrie’s Family, Please accept my wholehearted condolences on passing of your beloved Wife, Mom and Family. Carrie and I worked closely during our time at AstraZeneca Translational Medicine, UK. We sat next to each other, we laughed together, we joked together and we jointly solved current challenges. Carrie always came with a smile …

Coumaran Egile

Dear Adelman family, I am really chocked and sad to hear the loss of Carrie. I have been working with Carrie since 2016 and she was my go to person for anything related to DNA Damage Repair. I will always remember Carrie as the kind, smiley and poised person she was. I hope that …

Sarah Dykstra

Dear Friends, My thoughts are with you as you remember Carrie. She was loved for her kindness as well as her intelligence and desire to make the world a better place through helping others. Her impact both at home, at work and with patients will endure. Be well, Sarah …
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