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Billy Everitt-Clay

Billy lived for his dogs, Harry Potter, booze, cigarettes, cooking and his friends. He died in tragic circumstances but we want to celebrate his life.

He’ll be missed by so many.

This is a place for those who loved and knew him to share their stories, pictures and memories of BillIAm.

Arrivederci, Billy.

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Billy, an incredible human that every human and animal loved (especially in our family!). Thank you for being such an amazing friend! Sophia will always remember her uncle Billy and Bruce will always remember his sleepover buddy. ❤️ It is as if Bojo knew your favourite thing to do, he has re open pubs …

A Houghton

Lauren Westmacott

We only spoke a handful of times but you were always cheeky as hell. 😂 R.I.P Billy.  Sending love to your family and friends at this heartbreaking time. X     …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Paul Hartland

Rest In Peace Billy. 🖤 …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Heather Young

I met Billy so many years ago when I moved down to Evesham from Preston. I started working at Maccies and remember he always used to call me ‘the northerner’ and take the mick out of my accent every single day! He was such a lovely lad and hopefully he is at peace now! …

Paul Everitt-Clay


Billy I can’t believe your not around anymore but we all know you have t gone completely I’m sure we will all find times that things will happen and say I bet that’s billy.  I wanna thank you for all the great times at work cause your reali did make work so much more …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Tina x

Billy working at McDonald’s was  a laugh . Peter davies saying Billy fresh fries!! just me he said the look you gave was so funny …  rest in peace love hope you are a rest  good night billy sadly missed x …


Dan S

Billy, been a long long time since the days of the golden arches! You were a great colleague and massive charector! Your sense of humour always brightened my working day! The positive influences you clearly had on so many are a true tribute to your memory x  …

Paul Everitt-Clay


Miss ya Bill man. We’ve had so many fun times at work and outside of work and a lot of laughs. You’re definitely one of the funniest blokes I’ve ever known. Some highlights include when you came to visit me at uni for Carnage, and the time when we got as far as we …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Stacey A

Billy, losing you has shaken our year group to the core. More than you could ever know. You always made people laugh, brighten up people’s days, and you were the life and soul of the party. Kindness shone from you, and you would talk to anybody and everybody. There is a hole left for …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Matt Rose

Mate, I don’t even know where to begin. From high-school to drunken nights at the Amby, you were always wearing a smile and in turn so were others. The times we’d get drunk and you’d sleep on my sofa because you couldn’t get home. The times you’d piss random people off and then throw …

Paul Everitt-Clay


Billy boy, My friend, partner in crime personal potwash and my raj. So many memories together. Thank you for being a part of mine and lo’s life. Seems like a few days ago she was stealing your toast. I cant believe your gone but you’ll never be forgotten. I love you. Sleep well and …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Mike Carter

Bill, I will always cherish the memories I have with you.  From pissing teachers off at school, to drinking ourselves into states of stupidness, and cracking some of the worst jokes known to man. I can’t count the amount of times you had to sleep at mine after we went out drinking as you …

Paul Everitt-Clay


Bill, l still can’t believe you’re gone. You were an amazing friend and an even better chef. We had some brilliant laughs up in the flat and out in the kitchen and I will forever Cherish the laughs. Love you mate …

Rhys Dunderdale


Billy, I hadn’t seen you in a few years but you were honestly one of the nicest, genuine and gentle people I have had the pleasure to meet. Oh and ridiculously funny. The world needs more Billy’s not less! Some very good times and laughs were had that’s for sure… One thing I always admired …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Robert Morrison

To my loving brother who I never got to meet as a man. We all love you and alway will. You will be truly missed by many. Till we meet again. FYI bro I’ve still never watched Harry Potter. But I do still have all your Pokemon card & pogs. Arrivederci, Billy. XXX …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Ashley Royle

Life just won’t be the same without you billy. We have had some wild times, you never ever failed to make me smile. What I remember the most is when I started McDonald’s and everyone was taking the mick of my weight/half ear, you engaged with me and we clicked straight away. That’s because …

Paul Everitt-Clay


Billy bruv I love you lots . I’ll always be thinking of you, Thankyou for the memories and happy times you’ve brought to my life. I’ll forever be great full.  I’ll see you for a pint one day  arrivederci xxx kieran  …

Paul Everitt-Clay

Gallot (french pig)

 From the very first time I met you back in the days of blackminster when I was asked to help you get settled in to the days of working in maccies you always put a smile on my face!  Some of my best memories are spent with you in Amsterdam (pino )or Blackpool and …


Dean George

To my chef friend billy .it was a pleasure working and knowing you over the last couple of years.I always felt in safe hands when I worked with you we had so many laughs at work 😂I always remember a happy billy and a fun guy .A absolutely genuine lad who as touched my …

Paul Everitt-Clay


I still can’t quite except that this has happened. i just want to say Thankyou! Thankyou for being my rock at so many points , Thankyou for making me laugh when no one else did and Thankyou for some absolute brilliant memories that will stay with me forever.  love you boo , always xo  …

Paul Everitt-Clay


I never expected to be writing this, but sleep well and please be doing what you do and making mischief wherever you are. I am smiling at you taking the pair of us accidentally down that black run when skiing, that was so funny. Smiling at the 11 year old Billy smiling and playing …

Paul Everitt-Clay

From Dad

There are no words to describe what we are feeling right now. Billy came into our lives and enriched our lives.  He grew up into an amazing young man who touched and brightened many peoples lives.  I absolutely know that none of us will ever forget him.  I was so proud of Billy, of …

Paul Everitt-Clay

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