In Loving Memory of

Barry Keepence

In memory of Barry Keepence, who passed away peacefully on December 27, 2020.
A devoted husband and father to Sara and Jennifer, he was a good friend and inspiration to many and a founder director of Semestry Limited.

Please share any thoughts, memories or condolence messages that you have of Barry.


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P K Kumar

Deepest Condolences from a class mate at UWIST. …


Linda Keepence ( Aunty linda

God bless you,  Uncle Ivor and myself had a very nice holiday in Scotland, when we visited you.      …


Andrew Webb

It was through Barry at IndigoVision that I got my first stab at writing commercial software back in early 2006. The interview was searching yet relaxed (“‘Ow d’ya fancy writing GUIs?”).   It was my first foot into the door of what has since been a lucrative engineering career for me. Though I never knew Barry personnally, …


Rob Smith

I only had the pleasure of meeting Barry once in person, but I won’t forget his passion and shear enthusiasm that he exuded. He believed in me giving me an opportunity to join his company and the change I desperately needed at the time. For that he will always have my thanks and gratitude. …


Ian Gilbert

Sara was one of the 1st people I met when I started work in Edinburgh. Jeremy- an old friend of Sara invited us to his birthday as he shared the same birthday as me. Another friend of Jeremy was Barry and Sara met him first and came buzzing up to me excited that this …


Alan Mathieson

I was standing on the roof of Drumlanrig Castle some 70 miles from home when I first spoke to Barry. I was installing some radio equipment when he phoned to ask if I was interested in doing some software development for his company in the South of Scotland. It took a while but we …


Jeannie Carter

It has taken me a few days to find the words that I wanted to add to my condolence message for Barry, but after deliberating, I thought I would add some notes on our first and last meetings. I first met Barry when I joined Cambridge Judge Business School and we were looking to …


Luke Duncan

I had met Barry just the once in person, but have been on multiple online calls with him. We once had a long chat where I was asking and he was telling me about his career and how he had done some work programming for satellites in space! I found this fascinating. He inspired …


Christina Monier (IDVO)

Very sad to hear about Barry’s passing. I remember being at the office the first time and Barry showing us new parts of TermTime in such an enthusiastic manner (‘look at this, this is amazing!’) and that is exactly how I will remember him: enthusiastic and passionate and always willing to share his thoughts …


Stuart Ferguson

My thoughts and best wishes to Barry’s family and friends. I didnt know Barry well but I could see the entrepreneurial spirit and drive he had. He was very encouraging and positive toward me about working at Semestry which I really appreciated. He will be a big miss. …


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