In Loving Memory of

Aunty Shade

Aunty Shade….what can i say? I was shocked when i heard the news. I’ve thought about you everyday. I thought you would never leave. Through all your pain you smiled. You were adorned in beautiful Nigerian atire and had the looks that would kill. Who didn’t love you? Most importantly you had time for everyone, even me. I could talk to you all day, your faith was unwavering and you made me feel like i was your son. You gave me a real sense of peace. You were so warm and genuine! I could see Jehovah was at the forefront of your life. Your cooking to this day is unmatched and i will never forget the day i came to eat at your house after ministry. My goodness i didn’t want to leave! Everything you did was with love. I wish i could have spent more time with you but i’m also glad you are no longer in pain. Until i see you again in paradise i will think of you always.

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