In Loving Memory of


Anthony (Tony) Walsh

Tony Walsh born 28th September 1965 – taken from us 9th March 2021

The purpose of this book is to share your memories of Tony and what he meant to us. 

Book Owner: Barney Hainey
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Brian Allison

Tony, Totally professional but always one to have a laugh at the inappropriate times. Taken from us far too early. RIP …

Barney Hainey

I first met Tony in 1998 at the Intel Unit at Catford and we got on well from the start. I have many happy memories of him, this isn’t one….. He put up with my poor golfing skills and showed great patience, I learned more than a few tips from him on the fairway. One year at Tony’s Family golf weekend, my drive did not go as far as Tony’s. I approached my ball, lined it up and thinned it, a duff shot. The ball shot forward very quickly about 12 inches off the ground. Tony had placed his self on the fairway about 10 yards in front of me. He had positioned himself on what he thought was a ‘safe’ postion. We both knew what was about to happen as my dunlop three golf ball cracked his shin at about 80 mph. He looked at me, we both knew and we moved on. The look he gave me was priceless and needed no words…… I have worked, socialised and played with Tony, our love of football other sports has kept us in touch for over 20 years and I will miss him dearly. Gone far too soon. RIP …