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Anthony John Noble

22nd November 1935 – 4th July 2021

Tony was a private man but one who quietly had an impact on many people.

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Ian Brannan

Tony was one of those very few people you come across in life who you could call ‘a true gentleman’. A quiet, unassuming and private man who cared deeply for his family. He was always ultra calm and patient and his creativity and practical skills always left me in awe particularly when it came …

Helen Reed

Ian and Kathryn Bendall

We only knew Tony for a short time when we moved to Peebles in June 2017 as next door neighbours. Having lived in Bristol for 5 years, it was wonderful to hear a Bristolian accent! Straightaway, Tony and Dulcie made us very welcome, and we really enjoyed our time together. Apart from our Bristol …

Helen Reed

Hamish, Sue & Harriet Clough

We were so saddened to hear of Tony’s passing and the Noble family are in our thoughts. I remember the family holiday together in Scotland, walking in the Cuillins and visiting the Falls of Balgy. The wonderful family meals followed by slide shows. Tony’s slides always meticulously catalogued. Tony, a quiet, intelligent man who …

Helen Reed

Ella noble

I want to tell you I love you and give you a big hug goodbye, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you. And I will miss the time I haven’t spent with you, therefore I will remember the times we all had together. I’m so greatfull to have known you, and proud …


Anne and Geoff Mizen

We have known Tony a very long time, in fact since 1978 when his family were first introduced to us by Barbara Sambels, Geoff’s Godmother, who at the time lived in Iron Acton where she was a fellow worshipper with Tony and Dulcie at the local parish church. We will never forget our first …

Geoff Anne Mizen

Duncan and Margaret Headley

Duncan & I have so many fond and happy memories of Tony and we are so grateful for all the years we have known him. Our friendship started in Switzerland, meeting ‘by accident’ in the Albula valley. Tony recognised Duncan from a model railway exhibition at York, we started talking, we clicked and the …

Helen Reed

Heinz und Rita Itschert

[Heinz and Rita: Translation] Tony farewell! In 1997 we first met Tony and Dulcie in August at his home in Skipton. This was followed in 1998 by the wedding in Mönchengladbach, where we experienced lasting moments in ‘Molzmühle’. Further visits to Germany included a journey to Speyer Cathedral, which is a World Heritage Site, …

Helen Reed

Heinz und Rita Itschert

Tony auf Wiedersehen!1997 lernten wir Tony und Dulcie im August zum ersten Mal bei ihm zu Hause in Skipton kennen. Es folgte 1998 die Hochzeit in Mönchengladbach, wo wir in der “Molzmühle” bleibende Momente erlebten. Weitere Besuche in Deutschland beinhalteten eine Reise zum Speyerer Dom, der zum Weltkulturerbe gehört, und das ‘Technik Museum’, wo …

Helen Reed

Graham & Margaret Reed

Dear Dulcie, Mark and Helen We were so saddened to learn that Tony, a very gentle man, had passed away and we offer you our deepest sympathy.Thinking of Tony reminds us of when we first visited you in Embsay and learnt of Tony’s great enthusiasm for continental rail travel and his love of model …

Helen Reed

Natalie Noble

Thank you for welcoming me into the Noble family. We talked about all things textile, and your interest for Germany, or dare I say German trains, struck a strong bond between us. We enjoyed many delicious meals around an immaculately laid table; a duty we both took on jointly, while Dulcie worked wonders in …

Helen Reed


Grandad, without a doubt, is one of the people who made my childhood so special. When I think of going to visit Grandad in Skipton, I think of his silly jokes and being tickled and building lego houses. He never failed to bring a smile to my face and cheer me up. Whilst he …



Tony, as we all know, was often a man of few words, often letting the silence speak. He was a kind, gentle, but private man, who did not often show his emotions, but in his own quiet way gave time to those he loved and knew, had shared interests, and to his faith community. …

Helen Reed


Dad’s legacy lives on in all of us, in me.    I love the outdoors, walking in the mountains and hills. I love camping, sitting outside in the fresh air and waking up to a beautiful view. I love Vivaldi, Gregorian chant and choral music. I love the peace of being in a church. …

Helen Reed


To Dad, When I was a boy; I loved it when you helped me build Lego because I couldn’t understand the instructions. I loved it when you fixed my electrical light circuit when the battery nearly caught fire because I had shorted it out. I loved it when you let me sit on your …

Helen Reed

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