In Loving Memory of

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Ann Ward

Ann Ward was born in Coventry in 1939 and in her words she lived “a wonderful life”. She was a daughter,  a sister, a wife,  a mother and a grandmother.  She was a dancer,  a teacher and lover of the arts

Please do share with us your thoughts, memories,  stories and pictures of Ann as we say goodbye. 

If I should go before the rest of you

Break not a flower nor inscribe a stone

Nor when I’m gone speak in a Sunday voice

But be the usual selves that I have known

Weep if you must

Parting is Hell

But life goes on

So sing as well.

Helen, Andrew and Belinda.  



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Susi Thornton

Dearest Ann – always a smile on your face when I met up with you, warm, vibrant, energetic, full of life.   That is how I will remember you.   Ann went to Summer School before it turned into so may have met up with Sam in 1970 or 1971.     I met Ann properly at in 1980 and she knew the ropes – after a hard day’s moving, after dinner, music put on and everyone there (plenty of us)  danced until the wee small hours  – how did we do that so many evenings?   I remember Ann wheeling in the tea trolley about 2 aM  a welcome calming down before crawling into bed to be ready to start moving  -properly again at 9.00 am. During those evenings we got to know each other, learning about each other’s lives, something to treasure.    I learnt about Ann’s art, her scenery designs, her teaching, her connections with dance in Northern Ireland, about her family that she adored.    She was full of enthusiasm and love.      The Summer Course when at Dartford had a swimming pool and Ann was the aqua lady……..tired muscles were given the opportunity to loosen and relax and strengthen …

Noeleen McGrath

Ann was my teacher, mentor, advisor and thankfully my friend. Her inspirational teaching, guidance and friendship encouraged and supported my love of Laban’s work and I am forever grateful to have been part of her life.Words can’t express how much she will be missed, especially by her Irish Laban family. Thank you Ann for everything, not forgetting those memorable seisuns over a glass or more of wine! ‘Damhsa athais sona ort’ {Happy, happy dance} …

Jan Nicol

I met Ann at the LinC Summer School in the 1970s, she soon became a fantastic powerhouse of organisation and support in the LinC and Laban Guild worlds.  Over the years I visited Ann and Phil in Limavady, Malden and Mogan and, along with my husband Keith, enjoyed their great company. We were always good friends but over the last 2 years we developed a very special bond. Phil died the day after Keith. We became a 2 woman support group sharing our thoughts and feelings about everything that we were experiencing- bereavement and cancer (I was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, but am now OK).  Ann was always so young at heart and it is very difficult to believe that she has gone. I will always think of her with a smile and great affection, never forgetting her fabulous personality, energy, enthusiasm and her love for her family.  …

Sylvia Lyle

Ann has certainly caused a lot of ripples in the world of community dance in Ireland thanks to her enthusiasm and organisational can do. We owe her a debt of gratitude and will remember her fondly for her energy and encouragement during our Laban courses.  This is a very old and faded photo but the memories of that dance summer school remain bright.  …

Annette and Mike

We first met Ann and Phil in Puerto Morgan approx 10 years ago. We were staying opposite them &  Mike erected a long piece of wood outside the window as he wanted internet connection. That afternnon, Phil knocked at our door, I must be honest I was nervous. However, he wanted to get online as well, so hence a friendship struck up. From then on, we saw them every year.  The first time they invited us to join them for a drink in the square, they really surprised us when they suddenly stood up and danced so well. We enjoyed our friendship with them, and we send our best wishes to all their family, who Ann always spoke about with such pride  . …

Janet Lunn

      I first met Ann at The LInC Summer School of 1979 in Dartford; she greeted me, showed me the ropes, partnered me in the first session as if she’d been dancing with me all my life, encouraged me and was part of making it the life changing experience she’d warned me on that first day it would be! She was always at the heart of every LInC; the sine qua non with her organisational skills, her communication skills, her First Aid skills and her brilliant artistic skills! By the end of each course, she’d be planning the next one; designing and printing the next T-shirt, looking out for and buying the special little gifts for each member of staff presented in the final moments after the Movement Choir, encouraging new Guild members to apply and assisting them with travel arrangements, funding and advising them what to pack!       And then there were the annual “Dartford Follies” –> “Dartford Follies On Tour” which she organised, ‘directed’ and appeared in, which is where this photo of her was taken. I love this photo as it shows the animated, dramatic, enthusiastic, warm and utterly lovable friend she became …