In Loving Memory of


Allan Meacock

Husband to Eileen. Father to Michelle and Rachel. Dadda to Milne-Thomas, Archie and Evelyn. He was the most thoughtful, selfless, kind hearted man and our hearts will never be whole again.

He met my mum when he was 12 and she was 11, from that very moment they were soulmates whose love was clear for all to see.

My dad lived for his family. He was the Dad who got down to play with you, baked birthday cakes, lifted us over his head after letting us watch Dirty Dancing and worked any job he could to make sure we never missed a school trip or went without.

As we got older he would play taxi driver, ferrying us to and from our friends houses and college parties, letting gangs of teenagers sleep over so he knew that we were safe. He would stay awake until we got home from nights out, gate crash our camping trips and rescue us from any situation we found ourselves in that meant we instantly called for Dad.

He was the husband who paced the hospital floors when my Mum was poorly and who wouldn’t let her go for a walk alone incase something happened and he wasn’t there to keep her safe. He had her coffee ready every morning and always lit a candle so it smelled nice when she came downstairs.

Even as he got older and we accused him of turning into a grumpy old man, he was our provider, our protector, our comforter and our hero all rolled into one and despite his aching knees and bad back, when he became a Dadda he did it all again.

He would take our babies in his arms and comfort them when we didn’t know what to do, he would turn up with his cap on and take them for walks in their prams. He taught them to ride bikes, built them dens, crawled around the garden with them on his back and made sure that they too never went without.

Dad hated fuss and fall outs. Living with three women he learnt to be the one to restore the calm and bring us all back down to earth when needed. He took great pleasure in helping others, if he had something to give then he would give it, no matter how big or small.

He always was and always will be our everything, and I will be forever grateful that we are blessed to call him ours.


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Tim Clansey

So Sorry for your lose, I worked in the JCI / Adient Quality Department as the Senior Engineer when I meet Allan through Dave Foran, Allan and myself had a very good working relationship, he was one of the good guys, My condolances to all his family and freinds, such a sad lose, God …

Rach Virtue (Meacock)

My Dad, Where to start? He was the most amazing Dad and an even better Dadda. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for us, and there was nothing he couldn’t do, he could turn his hand to anything. He bought me my first tool kit at age 5 and spent hours teaching me how …

Vicent Noverjes

I had the pleasure of knowing you and working with you since I joined Aktrion. Always willing to help no matter what, always available and helpful, I am so thankful for your good advices and guidance. You will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Rest In Peace Allan …

Alan McCann

So shocked to hear of Allan’s passing, as a member of the Adient Quality dept, I worked with Allan on and off from the first day that he took over Aktrion operations at the Halewood Plant. Allan was the go to man if you needed something doing, and I’d like to think that we …

Colin Harper

Allan Meacock A family man,if you knew Allan you knew about his family. Any conversation with him would always turn to him sharing with pride and love stories of what he had been doing with his family and grandchildren at the weekend.I never met his family but you could tell from the conversations that …

Carl McGough

I started working with Allan not long after starting with Adient and as I progressed my involvement with him increased. We had some interesting times, some arguments and plenty of laughs. A top guy and proud family man and he will be missed by all who met him. Such a shock to hear the …

Amy Keay

I had the pleasure of working with Allan for 15 years at Aktrion. He took me on my first site visit, gave me my first set of safety boots and showed me where all the good smoking spots were! Everytime I would visit him at site, it would take us ages to get anywhere …

Kevin Wilkinson

To all of Allan’s family, my thoughts are with you all at this very sad time. R.I.P Allan, you will be a big miss, you were always there if ever I needed advice, help, guidance, support or just a friendly chat. I will always be grateful. You were always the voice of reason reassuring …

Michelle Gannon

RIP Allan Meacock – A legend, a top bloke who I had the pleasure of working with during my time at Aktrion. Always willing to help no matter what time, day or hour. Just reading the bio about you Allan tells me what a great family man you where and I picture those words …

Mike Speed

I only met Allan recently, but i was deeply saddened when I heard the news. Allan was a much loved and respected man and always went out his way to help everyone. My thoughts go out to all Allan’s family and friends. R.I.P …