In Loving Memory of


Alicia Requena-Jimenez

Alicia joined the University in 2004 as a Masters student. From 2006-2011 she was research technician and then senior research technician in the Maternal and Fetal Health Group at St Marys Hospital, working with Jo Glazier. Her work on folate transport across the placenta led her to join my lab. and carry out her doctoral studies on cerebral folate in the hydrocephalic rat model of this condition. She continued as a postdoc in the lab. until the present time devising ingenious methods to look at folate transport across the arachnoid membrane as well as learning how to analyse large proteomics data sets and publishing her last paper during her illness demonstrating a profound change in cerebrospinal fluid proteome in hydrocephalus. She was passionate about her research and taking it forward herself. She was much admired for her innovative research approaches and her enquiring mind. She will be sorely missed by us and all who knew her as a friend and colleague. We send our deepest condolences to her husband Simon and all her family from Spain.

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