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Adrian Jones

Adrian will be sorely missed by us all – his energy, dynamism and sense of humour made Adrian an unforgettable character, whether you worked with him at Transport Systems or more recently with Connected Places.  We all know how much he championed what we were doing as a Catapult and he has left a fantastic legacy.

Please feel free to leave your messages of condolence, and share stories that celebrate our wonderful colleague here.

Thank you

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Sarah C

My thoughts go out to Adrian’s family and friends at this terrible time.  Adrian was a wonderful person to work with.  I always looked forward to our meetings and learnt so much from him.   …

Faye Stevenson

I vividly remember meeting Adrian for the first time in our Milton Keynes office – he told me he was back having beaten cancer and was the smartest dressed person in the office sporting a waistcoat !! His warmth and friendliness shone through then and over the next few years I got to also …

James Datson

I’d never met anyone like Adrian and I was only just getting to know him and his complex character.  Nevertheless, in the year or so working directly with him he taught me so much about what had made him successful in business, and he was always very giving and supportive in sharing his skills …

Stephen Quantick

I attended Adrians online service yesterday. A beautiful service that showed the zest for life Adrian had and the way that he made a positive impact to his family, friends and work colleagues.  A positive man with a seemingly natural talent for balancing the explorations of ideas and the lazer focus on acheiving at …

Louise Fildes

My deepest condolences to Adrian’s family and friends. I was so saddened by the news. Adrian was a wonderful person and colleague, fun and sparky, always full of energy and enthusiasm. As I got to know Adrian over the last two years, I really enjoyed the coffee catch-ups we shared, hearing about his pleasure …

Lin Seeds

Adrian was a joy to work with; never afraid to speak out and challenge but always in a positive and constructive way. We spent a lot of time recruiting together as well as working on the DfT portfolio and his approach to all things work related never altered; professional and determined to do the …

Sallyann Coxon

I had the opportunity to work with Adrian on a few small projects and his sense of fun, energy and passion shone through.  We bonded over a love of live bands, festivals and family.   Sending lots of love to his family at this time.   …

Ruth Dixon

Adrian, You brought a rare understanding of our value and contributions that made us better, happier and more engaged, every day. You have left a huge hole in our team. I’ll miss meeting you in the coffee shop by DfT, and video calls with our dogs! We are so much less without you. Ruth …

Henry Tse

I was shocked and saddened to hear about Adrain’s news and the lost. Adrian was a strong and passionate person. Has been a great pleasure working with him in the last few years for the successful engagement and delivery in supporting Department of Transport to drive Innovation as well as informing policy setting. We …

Adam Webb

Adrian and I started a month apart at the Catapult and within the same team. During the subsequent three years we worked very closely together, including a brief stint where he was my manager. During that whole time I never saw him be anything other than hugely enthusiastic about his work; he was inspiring …
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